‘They will die, not even having time to repent’ – Essentials from Putin at the Valdai Forum in Sochi


Published on: Oct 18, 2018 @ 23:17

“They will die, not even having time to repent”
Putin called the enemies, spoke about the death for the Fatherland and the absence of fear.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the Valdai Forum in Sochi. He was sharp and categorical. He spoke about the enemies of Russia, about the fearlessness of the country and the readiness of its inhabitants to die for the idea. He did not ignore the events in Kerch. Lenta.ru collected the most emotional quotes of the president.

Whose Crimea
“Crimea is ours. We are not going anywhere. And why ours? It’s not because we came and grabbed.”

“Everybody has democracy here. What is democracy? This is the power of the people. How is it confirmed? With the help of referendums, elections and so on. People came to the referendum in the Crimea and voted: we want to be a) independent, the next step is to be part of the Russian Federation. ”

On the prospects of a nuclear strike on Russia
“An aggressor should always realize that retribution is inevitable. That he will be destroyed. And we are victims of aggression. And we, as martyrs, will go to heaven, and they will simply die. Because they will not even have time to repent. ”

What problems does  Russia fear
“None. We are not afraid of anything at all. A country with such a territory, with such a defense system, with such a population, ready to defend its independence, sovereignty … Far not everywhere, not all countries have such a predisposition of their citizens to give their lives for the Fatherland. We have. No one can help it. This gives us confidence that we can feel calm. ”

About his nationalism and about the “idiot” nationalism
“If we promote a cave nationalism, throw mud at the representatives of other ethnic groups, we will destroy the country, and the Russian people have no interest in that. And I want Russia to survive, including in the interests of the Russian people. In this sense, I said that I am the most correct, most real nationalist. But this is not a cave nationalism, stupid and idiot, which leads to the collapse of our state – that is the difference. ”

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About the tragedy in Kerch
“Yesterday’s tragedy is including, apparently, the result of globalization, oddly enough. Here in social networks, on the Internet, we see that entire communities get created. It all started with the famous tragic events in the United States. Young people with an unstable psyche create some false heroes for themselves. This means that we all react badly to changing conditions in the world. This means that we do not create the necessary, interesting, and useful content for young people. They grab this surrogate of heroism. This leads to tragedies of this kind. ”

About whether it was worth the risk in Syria
“Yesterday we talked about this in detail with the president of Egypt, he shares this position, it is shared by many leaders in the world. We basically achieved our goals. Over the years, we have freed up almost 95 percent of the territory, and haven’t allowed the state as such to collapse. ”

“It’s better to worry about our fighters in Syria than to worry about our fighters in Russia.”

Whether Donald Trump is listening
“I do not share the opinions of those who say that he speaks like a black grouse and does not hear anyone. It is not true.”  “And we have a normal quite professional dialogue with him and, of course, he hears. I see he does not just hear, but reacts. He may disagree over something just as I disagree with him in something. This is a normal discussion between the two partners. ”

About who drinks the wine given to him
“This is not a joke that I’m about to say now. They gave me a few bottles of wine … Well, my colleagues. And the security officers ask: Vladimir Vladimirovich, should we check, whether you drink it yourself? I say – check (waves his hand and laughs). Moreover, I myself do not really drink. ”

About dissatisfaction with pension reform
“Do you know what the phenomenon of Russia is? We have smart people. They do not like it, but they understand that the state should do it. ”

“Now the government is carrying out a number of necessary, painful, but forced measures related to pension legislation, with changes in the retirement age. But it’s the same thing in all countries. Who would like it? I understand these people very well. ”

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