Soviet Subversion in Present-Day America – Cultural Marxism and Trump Derangement Syndrome

By Norman Ball

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By Norman Ball  – The KGB’s ideological subversion as described by 1970 Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov (in the 1984 G. Edward Griffin-conducted video appearing at the end of this essay) was a demoralization project unleashed in America. A silent bomb, it left nonetheless a massive cultural crater whose contours must be navigated up to the present moment.

Indeed the US still suffers the ill effects of this generational Soviet Trojan Horse. Its nihilistic contrails streak across our newspapers and TV screens daily. Cultural Marxism’s chaos only begets more chaos. After all, what other than chaos is chaos capable of producing? Something is clearly possessing these never-Trumpers and I don’t use the former term casually. Trump Derangement Syndrome, no mere clinicism, is a sickness of the soul.

As for Communism’s Workers’ Paradise, forever looming, we are told, around the corner, it is a solicitous palliative, a Godot that never arrives. Nothing will rise from the rubble except a malleable flatland of alienation and collectivist hell, all the more easily controlled by a tiny cadre of banker-globalists –Orwell’s Inner Party.

Indeed the three inter-continental superstates of Nineteen Eighty-Four are so clearly a tripartite false-divide presided over by an encapsulating, Strategy of Tension monos. For the same reason Ingsoc is bound by its own internal logic to universalize itself by winning Winston Smith’s authentic consent, it abides no less loose conceptual ends in the macros i.e. across the face of the entire earth.

In his explication of inverted totalitarianism, Sheldon Wolin spoke to the need for totalitarianism to totalize. Marx knew the central crisis of capitalism had to globalize in order to fully exploit workers of the world. To Isaiah Berlin, the animating core of totalitarianism was monistic conquest. Nothing can be left outside the totalitarian construct where dissent (antithesis) might gestate and foment internal contradiction. Global totalitarianism requires a conceptual stasis that only the end of history can provide

Like human-termites on an undisclosed nihilistic mission, Bolsheviks gnaw but never build, destroy but never reconstruct. Civilizational order is a finely wrought mosaic, the patient work of centuries, yet so deftly rent asunder in a flash. The character assassination of mere individuals is collateral damage  towards a purported Greater Good which is but a Larger Chaos.

Besides, there are no individuals in any meaningful historical sense; that’s Randian twaddle, hardly befitting the depersonalized engine of dialectical materialism. America’s currently besieged Supreme Court appointee Brett Kavanaugh is a class-bound representation only. His individual culpability (or lack thereof) is incidental, barely warranting a parentheses. Don’t trouble us with savaged reputations. The grand sweep of history furnishes its own justification. Marxism, with gleeful malice, celebrates the impersonal while forging the nihilistic frontier.

Stalinist Nellie Ohr of Steele Dossier fame (and a central character in the rapidly dissembling Trump Russian collusion fable) is a progeny of this Soviet seeding as are so many other Leftist luminaries on America’s present-day stage, not to mention the not-so-silent army of young Democratic Socialists of America (unwitting Deep State worker-bees) exposed in recent weeks by the intrepid and indispensable James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.

The class struggle-sui generis attacks against Judge ‘guilty until proven innocent’ Kavanaugh take their Alinsky coordinates from this Soviet impartation.

Speaking of the thinnest of thin red (orange?) lines, Trump fights the Bolshevik scourge here at home. In the absence of Trumpism (really, one pugnacious 70-year-old man of enviable and improbable stamina; a godsend, in short), American Bolshevism would have ambled along under Clinton’s masthead on a dialectically convergent track with The Chinese Communist Party’s social credit scores, complete with CCP-edited Bibles and pictures of Xi Jinping beside Jesus Christ in state-registered Chinese ‘Christian’ churches. Odious!

[spritual marxism png]

Marxism, even a variant endowed with so-called Chinese characteristics, can never abide Christianity. Just what has that sly Jesuit, Pope Francis, acceded to in his Chinese pact? Trust me, says he, this pontiff who dawdles on an unequivocal denunciation of such triflings as systemic pedophilia.

Don’t worry. Their Google will be our Google soon enough. Shiver. Shudder.

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As if the West’s vitriol isn’t telling enough, Russia is hunted for reasons beyond the usual Mackinder recitations. It is a detested escapee, a thorn in Satan’s eye, having slipped the grasp of the demonic, atheist onslaught. This puts it at the vanguard of Paul’s battling Principalities.

Those still enmeshed in a strictly secular template are missing the full panoply of current events and their eschatological import. In a recent essay, Fort Russ’ Joaquin Flores exhorts observers, “to get past whatever naive empiricism or narrow materialist framework [they rely] on, and understand the esoteric, occult, and ‘conspiratorial’ nature of the Western project…”

For reasons that can only portend history’s nearing end, the spiritual realm is increasingly shedding its flesh-and-blood stalking horses. Those who understand must overcome a fear of embarrassment by incorporating the incorporeal within their geopolitical formulations.

Has Mother Russia –post-Bolshevist after a blood-soaked, seventy-year struggle– historically resolved what America presently flirts with (absent the Trump interregnum)? Are we one dialectical battle behind in the Hegelian march of history? Present-day Russia is enjoying an (Orthodox) Christian renaissance as denoted by the blistering rate of newly constructed churches. The Third Rome is exhibiting a decided second wind while American Christianity conforms to a Zionist preoccupation so eclipsing that the near-extermination of Christians across the Middle East barely raises an eyebrow.

The endless display of Russophobia in the American media should be called what it is: Antislavism, a pillar of Nazi philosophy. Russian-Americans as an ethnic group are second only to Mexican-Americans in population. Where’s the public outcry?

When, in his indictment press conference for the Facebook spoofers (who happened to be Russian nationals with no state actor connection), Attorney General Rod Rosenstein referred to the Russians i.e. in a sui generis context meant to evoke old racial Red Scare memes. Yet slurs of this ilk routinely pass without sanction.

In a prior outing, ‘War of Imposition: This Is Not America (Any More Than It Was Russia Once Upon a Time)’ , I point to the detention of authentic dialectical syntheses post-Cold War by a Neoconservative faction hellbent on diversionary hijack:

“In a climate hostile to resolution, facile bumper stickers preside. PNAC’s 1997 Statement of Principles serves as apt blueprint to our nation’s conceptual paralysis. Ripe with hubris and devoid of introspection, it forced a triumphalism upon the natural course of dialectical progression, or is this reader missing circumspection born of authentic synthesis in the following proclamation? 

“Having led the West to victory in the Cold War…[w]e need to increase defense spending significantly…”

Sounds more like a shell-game from here.

Refused her duly earned ticker-tape parade, America was presented instead, at war’s end, with the preposterous Neocon invocation to beat her sword into yet another sword. The interminable loop of permawar (itself an indigestible bit of ahistorical mischief) became America’s ‘way forward’. As for our supposed adversary, ‘terror’, it offers an inexhaustible emotional response to perils of the real, imagined and endlessly manipulated kinds. The Neocon catastrophe is now a matter of global record. The peace dividend was purloined by a unipolar will-to-power that metastasized into a monomania worthy of Ahab himself.”

Though some still question Bezmenov’s credibility, who can deny what for all eyes must pass as prophesied outcome?


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