SURPRISE: U.S Installed Polish Leadership Begs for More Occupation Troops, as Tensions Rise


It should come as no surprise, that the U.S installed Polish leadership wants more U.S soldiers in Europe to ‘stabilize’ security. According to Polish President Andrzej Duda, Poland wants to move the “security border” in Europe with the help of American troops. President Duda appears willing to have Poland be the primary impact zone in the event that the U.S starts a hot war with Russia. According to numerous experts, Poland would suffer the greatest losses, and would be conquered by Moscow in a matter of days, even before significant U.S forces could be mobilized from the across the Atlantic and the furthest reaches of the decaying Atlanticist Empire. That Polish leadership, such as Duda, believes that the U.S is a ‘stabilizing’ force in the region, when in fact all places that the U.S are present is inarguably experiencing destabilization, is a testament not to any strategic thinking on the part of Poles, but rather a symptom of a state under foreign political occupation, with decision making delegated to D.C and not Warsaw.

Andrzej Duda told the Sieci newspaper that “[…] the American bases were reputed to be security guards, just as during the Cold War years, when they demonstrated their stabilizing power, so it was in West Germany that, thanks to them, pressure on the East was maintained.”

The Polish president believes that, thanks to the United States, “… Soviet plans for military expansion have been destroyed,” adding that “[…] it is time to move the security frontier through the presence of an ally, in Poland and other countries, such as Romania,” he said, expressing his desire for a greater permanent American presence in Europe.

In September, US President Donald Trump said Washington did not rule out the installation of a military base in Poland and that Warsaw was willing to pay “billions of dollars” for it.

Previously, Poland made a bilateral proposal outside NATO to the US, where it proposed the sending of tanks to Poland and that it would assume the expenses of the transport.

It is noteworthy that about 4,000 US troops are already housed in the country as part of the Pentagon units and multinational NATO forces.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry considers the possible installation of a US military base in Poland as a threat to Russia, and would mirror their response accordingly.

Commenting on US President Donald Trump’s statement on the possible establishment of a military base in Poland, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said that positioning that base would mean the destruction of the NATO-Russia Founding Act 1997, which directly prohibits the deployment of substantial fighting forces along the border.

Military expert and retired colonel Aleksandr Zhilin revealed why the base could pose a threat not only to Russia but also to the EU.

“We have repeatedly stated that by establishing military installations in the territory of Eastern European countries, the US eliminates the national security of these countries. Polish authorities force Russia to make some corrections,” he said.

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