Syria’s New S-300 are a ‘Belt’ Against Israel


Tel Aviv is trying to belittle the importance of the S-300 air defense system based on the characteristics of the F-22 and F-35 fighters, inoSMI reports.

However, Munazir Eid, a columnist for the Syrian daily Thawra, believes that the presence of these missiles in Syria’s anti-aircraft defense system will help deter Israeli aggression and serve as a “belt” against that state.

In addition, the system will have an impact on how Israel will behave in the region in the future.

According to Eid, since Russia’s announcement on Syria’s supply of S-300 systems, the Zionist movement has continued to warn Syria that it will continue its aggression against Syria and threaten attacks against the air defense system.

For Eid, the presence of such a system is a necessity in the fight against terrorist organizations, as well as being “an element of deterrence and a defensive wall against all those who intend to destroy the Syrian Arab Army to continue the war against terrorism.”

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He emphasized that if a front is opened to combat Zionist formation, including to free all occupied territories, these missiles will allow the Syrian Army to immediately drop 96 enemy missiles by firing 192 missiles at them; as well as many other features such as ease of movement, detection by missile radars against the system and other advanced technologies.

According to Eid, all attempts by jihadist groups and their sponsors to block the completion in eliminating terrorism will fail, and all they are doing to achieve their goal is nothing more than an attempt to win time.

The columnist says that everything will inevitably end with a confrontation.

“After more than eight years of combat action, we see that Syria, together with its allies and friends, is winning the battle against terrorism, and that everyone should leave their fantasies and understand that Syria will never give up its rights nor will pass over the dignity of its people and its land,” concluded Munazir Eid.

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