The Honduran Migrant March Reconsidered: ‘Regime Change’ under Obama, H. Clinton Created the Problem

By Arturo Gallegos García


Editor’s preface: This Honduran refugee crisis isn’t what it appears. Trump will be made to be the ‘bad guy’ for enforcing the U.S’s existing immigration laws – but the refugee crisis isn’t a refugee crisis. They are migrants, primarily economic migrants – and this is never the justification to grant refugee status. The term migrant means ‘for economic reasons’, even though this term has changed over the years to be combined with all sorts of reasons for fleeing a country under duress.

One problem in this black/white thinking however, is that it was the direct interference in Honduras’ political process and economy which has created the recent and stark increase in poverty in the Central American country. So it would appear that the U.S owes Honduras something for this, something which simply taking care for 5,000 spectacle marchers won’t solve. And if this is placed at the feet of ‘the U.S’, that will mean the U.S government, and ultimately U.S tax payers. But it was U.S corporations, not the people – that is the tax payers – that have benefited from the economic rape and pillage of Honduras under Obama and H. Clinton. Contradictions, contradictions ….

As Gallegos Garcia begins to allude to but does not finish, it was Obama and Hillary Clinton who removed the rational, functional, sovereign government of Honduras and the irony here is that it will be their supporters in the U.S who try to capitalize the most on this issue. But, as the author correctly points out, there would not be a wave of economic migrants if it were not for the illegal policies of Obama and H. Clinton to stage a coup in Honduras, which also involved the murder of Honduran environmental activist Berta Cáceres. Berta Cáceres specifically named Hillary Clinton as the individual involved in setting up her murder, and in overthrowing the legitimate and democratically elected, popular and sovereign government of President Manuel Zelaya. – J. Flores

  • Check out the video below, where Mr. Gallegos García gives a summary for HispanTV – click on CC for closed captioning in English


By Arturo Gallegos García – Regarding the migrant caravan that’s heading up to the United States since October the 12th, there are two simple questions which are very easy to answer. These give us a lot of relevant information about its implications on the regional geopolitical level.

Where do the majority of the migrants come from? And why are they leaving their countries?

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The answer to the first question is Honduras. It is in this country that the caravan originated and regardless that currently from its 5,000 to 7,000 persons, a lot come from other Central American countries, the majority still are Hondurans.

This fact is the first problem for the US Government. Because of its origin this caravan doesn’t represent any political value to the US. If the caravan came from an enemy country like Venezuela, Cuba or Bolivia, than it could be used as a propagandistic tool against them. Like it was the case with the Venezuelan, Cuban and Nicaraguan opposition.

On the contrary, the Honduran government in the hands of Juan Orlando Hernández is a strong ally of the US. By the way Hernández came to power through a rigged interpretation of the reelection law and through highly suspicious elections that were immediately endorsed by the North American government and the Organization of American States (OAS). This all took place some years after a “soft coup” ended the administration of the left orientated President Manuel Zelaya, an illegal event which neither the USA nor the OAS had anything to say about. Obviously no migrant caravan ever originated under Zelaya´s administration. None the less any allowance of the caravan into American territory would imply a tacit acceptance of Hernandez failure in Honduras.

The answer to the second question is that this caravan is not made of war refugees although much violence exist indeed in their countries. Most of them are economic refugees. They are the result of the neoliberal policies imposed by the US in the region through satrap governments which are always supported by the OAS.
If the goal of the caravan is just to reach the physical south border of the US, than it will all depend on the attitude of the Mexican government. The sitting president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, already ordered the repression of the migrants and to be stopped at Mexico´s south border by the public force. Obeying the orders from Donald Trump on his “close door” policy. For this purpose Peña Nieto alluded Mexico´s law and sovereignty. What a nice time to finally care about sovereignty!

But if the goal is to get admitted into American territory and successfully immigrate into this country that would be even more difficult. Trump´s anti illegal-immigrant position is no secret and it was even one of his trump cards (no pun intended) at the presidential election. The American president already stated that this caravan is made of “the worse”. This together with the lack of any existing political value of the caravan and an eventual recognition to a failed economic policy show us that any admission of the migrants into the USA is virtually impossible.

Everything points to that the migrants would get stuck in Mexico, like it happened some years ago to the Haitians. If that´s the case, the new elected President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who´s going to be in charge starting December 1st, already stated that our Central American brothers would be allowed to stay and they would even get jobs. This statement already triggered the suspicions of Mexico´s mostly white and mestizos conservatives that hide their racism behind phrases like “I´m not racist but…”, “Central Americans are gang members” or “we don’t even have jobs for us”. As if a society of 120 million could be somehow be jeopardized by 7,000 migrants. In any case the measures of Obrador are only the minimum that one would expect from a progressive left government, like the one Obrador wants to hold.

Under this circumstances it is that we have to salute the humanitarian decision of the elected President López Obrador and we have to condemn on the strongest terms the criminalization of immigration as well the chauvinism that hides behind economic arguments and cultural prejudges. But mostly we have to strongly condemn the neoliberal policy designed by the US for our region, and imposed on our countries through the local bourgeoisie supported by the media under their service, and also by the OAS. It is this economic policy that creates the social tragedy that makes people leave their countries in search of a better life, not some simplistic trivialities blamed on the people´s idiosyncrasies that come from prejudiced and xenophobic stereotypes.

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