The NATO Wall: From Estonia to the Black Sea, in barbed wire instead of bricks and mortar

Historic paradox: A new sort of USSR has been formed


A few days before his death, Yvan Blot had written this text for Boulevard Voltaire. The editors are happy, with the agreement of his family, to publish it today.

The Berlin Wall is sad memory. For there to be a “wall”, some conditions must be met on at least one of the sides.
1) A “hard” ideology managed by oligarchs who think they are scientists or who use absolutist logic (human rights = new dogmatic religion). It’s incompatible with freedom. Heidegger says “values” are an insult to the Being. In the name of values, we attack the Being of nations.
2) A propensity to attack those who think otherwise with key sanctions and to despise democratic votes. It is incompatible with democratic sovereignty.
3) A military and police apparatus to apply these dictatorial principles.

NATO fully meets these three criteria. Originally anti-communist, it was modified to defend “Western values”, and thus fossilized into a hard ideology.

Thus, in a great historical paradox, a new kind of USSR was formed, but founded on the ideological dictatorship of the market economy dominated by oligarchs.

The European Union is the politico-economic version of this oligarchic system that denies the interests of the people and wants to stifle their voices.

The European Commission is a kind of bureaucratic supreme soviet that escapes popular control, much like the Holy Alliance of Metternich in 1815: everything but democratic (but overthrown by the revolutions of 1830 and 1848).

The European Parliament, selected by the oligarchic parties, is an intractable ideological Soviet.

As a result, they have created a “wall”, from Estonia to the Black Sea, between NATO countries on one side and Russia and Belarus on the other. Ukraine balances between the two because we do not dare to bring it into NATO, for fear of Russian defensive reactions. The Russians and Belorussians are doing military maneuvers against a virtual aggressor coming from the West: the Zapad maneuvers in 2017.

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On the other hand, Westerners send troops to the Baltic countries, mainly Poland and Romania.

If you travel along this fracture line, you will notice that it takes hours to cross this border and you are walking along barbed wire fences as in the good old days. Both sides of this new “iron curtain” — call it the “barbed wire curtain” — have been fortified.

NATO claims to be defensive, but holds to aggressive ideological rhetoric and anti-Russian propaganda. It wants to recreate, in Russia and Belarus, the situation of Ukraine. This one is ruined. GNP per capita is one-third of the Russian GNP! We must therefore stop believing that Russia is in continuity with the USSR. What is ideologically the most like the USSR (plus economic prosperity, of course) is Western Europe.

In the US, Mrs. Clinton is a perfect example of this new totalitarianism that is widespread in the ruling elites fighting against Trump.

Russia has just done giant military exercises with China (Vostok, 2018). Do we want to create a Russia-China bloc of 1.6 billion people against Western Europe (0.4) and the USA (0.3)? In the long run, it’s stupid.

Just as the satellite countries of the past stagnated, Europe is losing weight against these three blocks USA / Russia / China.

We must therefore attack the deadly ideology that justifies this new Berlin wall and allow real freedom of movement with Western Europe. We must therefore abandon, in particular, anti-Russian sanctions. We would gain vital growth points for our common European future!

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