‘THEY ARE WINNING THE INFO WAR’: British general ‘does not like’ Photos of Russian Military in Syria


Russia is better than the Western coalition in the “information war” in Syria and Iraq, says British general Felix Gidni.

According to the British general, Western countries must resist Moscow in the informational space, transforming this struggle into an “element of true multifaceted combat.” What he refers to is also known as 4GW, or fourth generation warfare.

“The Russians are really good at this. Better than us,” Gedney said Monday at the annual convention of the Association of the U.S. Army. “We saw a very clever, assiduous information campaign aimed at discrediting the campaign of the coalition. And I would argue [that] in many of our nation’s capitals, we didn’t realize we were being played.”

To illustrate the so-called misinformation, the general highlighted photos of Russian military personnel distributing humanitarian aid in Syria. He called the photos fake, however, did not give any proof of the falsehood.

Russia, from the outset of the operation in Syria, seeks to carry it out in the most transparent way possible, disseminating videos of attacks against terrorists and organizing live broadcasts of evacuation of the civilian population.

As a result, Western media used Russian material to satisfy their own interests. For example, the PBS channel showed video of attacks by the Russian Aerospace Forces as US aviation actions.

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Western media have been caught repeatedly creating counterfeits about the war in Syria. One of the examples are numerous articles on the activity of the White Helmets organization, which positions itself as humanitarian, but they have close ties with terrorists.

In addition, the White Helmets organization has more than once issued false images of the use of “chemical weapons” in the Arab country. There are several videos of activists explaining to the “victims” how they should behave during filming. After being filmed, the “victims” told reporters the details of false “chemical attacks.”

Another example is the story of the Syrian girl Bana Alabed, who wrote on Twitter about her life in the busy city of Aleppo in perfect English. In one of her publications, she approved the US attack on Syrian territory. The girl even published up to a hundred posts per day from the region where there was no electricity and Internet.

Subsequently, the Turkish media interviewed Bana Alabed and discovered that she does not know how to speak English.

What FRN believes British general Felix Gidni may need to consider is this: the reason the US cannot produce good footage of its work in Syria, is because the work chiefly revolves around arming and leading terrorist groups, not fighting them. The reason they cannot produce footage of distributing humanitarian aid, is because they are not. 

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