Published on: Oct 28, 2018 @ 15:01 – US President Donald Trump made it sound late Saturday that Russia had expressed a desire to receive US economic aid and also praised its summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“I had a great meeting with Vladimir Putin, great meeting. I talked about everything, we will do great. And don’t forget — Russia wants our help economically. We have created such wealth. I have done a really good job – $11.7 trillion. Russia wants us to be involved. Everybody wants our help,” Trump said at a rally in the US state of Illinois.

What Trump has done in the above is generally standard in his approach. He runs disconnected subjects together which bear a similar theme – in this case, ‘money’. The ‘help’ that Russia wants ‘economically’, is the sanctions to be lifted, not ‘economic aid’. Economic aid is a form of loans which developing countries seek out from institutions like the IMF. The term ‘economic aid’ is also a big terminological symbol – the phrase was used after the collapse of the USSR, when Russia received ‘economic aid’ – generally bribes for the upper echelons of Russian society that were in on the betrayal of the USSR. What the Russian Federation is interested in is for the sanctions to be lifted.

Additionally, ‘sanctions’ is not the best term to describe the U.S policy towards Russia. Embargo is a more accurate term.

Putin and Trump met for their first summit in Helsinki, Finland, on 16 July. The two presidents held a face-to-face private conversation followed by an expanded meeting.

Russia and US leaders discussed the Syrian refugee crisis, the situation in Ukraine and nuclear proliferation, among other issues.

Advisers from the two countries are already working on a new meeting between the presidents later this year, and Trump has already invited Putin to visit Washington in 2019.

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Both the alleged bailout request by Trump and the possibility of Russia’s president coming to the United States next year have not been confirmed by the Kremlin so far.

Meanwhile Trump has invited Putin visit Washington next year, a government official said on Friday. Speaking in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, National Security Adviser John Bolton made the revelation.

“We have invited President Putin to Washington after the first of the year for, basically, a full day of consultations,” he commented.

Bolton assured that the date was not marked. The US adviser stressed that Putin and Trump will meet in Paris on November 11 for the ceremonies commemorating the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day.

Putin and Trump met in Helsinki in July, amid disagreements over the war in Syria, the crisis in Ukraine and allegations that Russia interfered in the US elections.

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