Trump’s Bromance With Kim Jong-un Has One Aim: Isolate China

By Denis Etler -


Etler gives his insights as Pompeo plans to meet with the DPRK leader later in the week. – ed

By Denis Etler – It should be clear to one and all that Trump’s bromance with Kim Jong-un and his new friendship with Justin Trudeau are all of a piece, namely to isolate China. If any other President had referred to their relationship with KJU as a “love affair” they would have been pilloried from all sides. KJU has made few if any concessions to Trump while the US is now talking of a peace treaty with the DPRK. That is all for the good. But why is Trump doing it? Out of the goodness of his heart?

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And the new USMCA is nothing but an update of NAFTA, including provisions that had been negotiated by Obama under TPP. In fact the anti-China provisions in the USMCA serve the same purpose as TPP, to further isolate China and prevent others nations from negotiating trade deals with her. Again neither Mexico nor Canada made any substantive changes to the previous NAFTA deal. The same result could have been achieved by a Democratic administration as well as any other Republican one.


Of course, Trump ballyhoos both the Korea deal and the USMCA deal as stupendous achievements that only he could have accomplished, even though the concessions made were one-sidedly by the US. So what’s going on here? The one thread that connects the Korean deal, the USMCA deal, the renewed support for Taiwan, US aggression in the SCS and the current trade war with China are that they constitute a full court press to isolate China and try and derail her continued rise as a potential rival to the Empire.

Trump’s foreign policy is simple. Do everything possible to support and placate Israel and everything necessary to isolate and contain China.

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