European powers have been daunted by the idea that their Atlanticist commitments will place them in an eventual and direct confrontation with Russia. To date, the Russian military is able to defeat the entire combined military forces of Europe. While this demonstrates to most prudent European leaders the need to create ‘win – win’ solutions with the Eurasian giant, those power groups still under the sway of the NATO doctrine are looking for ways – at least nominally or in terms of messaging – to counter the perception of Russia’s invincibility.

The UK’s BAE Systems introduced the prototype of the new Black Night tank, developed on the basis of Challenger 2, a potential response to the powerful Russian tank Armata, writes the German magazine Focus.

The issue describes the Russian armor as “the most advanced battle car in the world” underlining that its emergence has led Western countries to begin modernizing their equipment. In particular, the UK plans to modernize around 400 Challenger 2 tanks that began to be produced as early as 1994.

Hence, this is an attempt to act with a budget in mind, and to deal nevertheless with the problem of obsolescence of the UK’s present armory.

The British military company BAE Systems presented in early October the prototype of the possible modernized version of the Challenger 2 tank, the article recalls. Developers are planning to upgrade tank combat capabilities through a night vision system and a new defense system that can detect and liquidate anti-tank missiles.

At the same time, highlights the Focus, the producer does not intend to create new weapons for the tank, although its main armaments are considered obsolete and unable to pierce the front armor of the Armata.

In 2016, the consortium Rheinmetall presented, within the scope of the Eurosatory exhibition, a cannon of greater power, of 130 millimeters. However, some fear that the gun, longer than six meters, will not fit into the Challenger 2 tower.

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In short, the German edition comes to the conclusion that Western countries need time to create a suitable analogue to the Russian Armata.

The T-14 Armata is the only tank in the post-war 3rd generation world. The armor is equipped with a 125mm cannon with remote control (and can even be equipped with a 152mm cannon).


The vehicle has a capsule insulated inside for the crew, which protects them even if the turret is struck and the guns catch fire. The T-14 is capable of facing a direct attack from most modern missiles and missiles.

Despite much investment and research, no other tank, especially from the NATO world, comes close to the Armata.

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