Ukrainian army surrounds Donbass village to fulfill draft quota, will include women

Catastrophic shortage of personnel


Picture it from the inside: You are a young man in the Russian-speaking Donbass, the part under Kiev’s control. The army has your village surrounded. Soldiers are going house to house searching for cannon fodder. When they get to your house, you will be drafted, willing or not, into the Ukrainian army… The news report:

Via Novorosinform

Due to the catastrophic shortage of personnel in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian armed forces in the Donbass region under their control raided the Borovenka village of the Kremensky district to identify men of military age, and are also planning to organize the recruitment of women for contract service and participation in hostilities. This was stated by the official representative of the People’s Militia of the LPR, Lieutenant Colonel Andrei Marochko.

According to him, in the village of Borovenka, in order to fulfill the mobilization of citizens for the armed forces of Ukraine, a draft raid was carried out.

“They set up a cordon around the perimeter of the settlement, and other soldiers entered the houses of local residents to identify men of military age,” Marochko said.

Citizens of military age were forced to take their personal belongings and passport and were taken to Severodonetsk in order to undergo a medical examination for subsequent dispatch to the troops, said lieutenant colonel Marochko.

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In addition, according to him, the military leadership of Ukraine has decided to recruit women soldiers for service under the contract and recruit units intended for direct participation in hostilities.

Yesterday it became known that the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces is offering Ukrainian criminals a choice of service on a contract instead of prison terms.

The autumn draft into the Armed Forces of Ukraine began October 1.

On August 25, it was reported that reinforcements from recidivist criminals arrived at the national Aydar  battalion.

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