The deputy of the Ukrainian Supreme Rada, a member of the Ministry of Interior’s advisory body and adviser to the interior minister, Tatiana Chernovol, has called for Russian military warehouses to be blown up, she said in an interview with Ukrainian channel Pryamoi.

“We have a problem – in recent times our ammunition warehouses have exploded. You know, such warehouses exist in the occupied territory, they shoot at us, there are also those on the border with Ukraine, on the Russian side, that shoot at us,” announced Chernovol.

However, the councilor lamented in an interview with the Ukrainian channel Pryamoi that “there was no response to the actions of sabotage against Ukrainian warehouses.”

In the last three years in Ukraine there have been several cases of large fires in military depots.

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The latest explosion occurred in a military warehouse in the Chernigov region on 9 October. This site occupies an area of ​​about 682.6 hectares, of which 402 hectares correspond to the so-called technical area. According to official information, only 10% of the technical area of ​​the arsenal has been reached, reported the RIA FAN.

In March 2017, another arsenal was fired in the region of Kharkov, causing one dead, five injured and the destruction of almost 70% of the stockpiled armament. In the fall, as a result of another explosion of a warehouse, 30,000 people were evacuated. In May 2018, in a military warehouse, the dry grass caught fire, causing a state of emergency.

Kiev has accused Moscow of interfering in its internal affairs more than once. Russia denies the allegations as inadmissible. Moscow has repeatedly stated that it is not a part of the Ukrainian internal conflict and is interested in Ukraine overcoming the political and economic crisis. Despite this, Crimea rejoined Russia in 2014 after a referendum took place which adhered to international law, despite Western opposition.

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