US to enlarge Ukrainian Navy with transfer of decommissioned frigates

Ukrainian shipbuilding is dead, but the US put-puts up to the rescue


Ukrainian shipbuilding is dead, but the US put-puts up to the rescue
FRN translates/assembles six sources for this rundown

Via Tsargrad:

The United States has sent a letter to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine with a proposal to transfer to the country a batch of old frigates of the type “Oliver Hazard Perry.”

It is possible that in the future the United States will try to transfer its old Oliver Hazard Perry type [guided missile] frigates to the Ukrainian navy. This is with reference to their own sources, who wished to remain anonymous, according to the Internet resource “Ukrainian militarist portal.”

The publication states that the corresponding letter has already been sent from Washington to the US Department of Defense. Information came through a military attache at the US embassy in Kiev.

If Ukraine accepts this proposal on military-technical assistance, it fall under the US military’s Excess Defense Article program. Note that the frigates “Oliver Hazard Perry” first came from American shipyards in 1975. The last ship of this class was built 14 years ago, in 2004.

We do not yet know what price is involved, whether the value of the frigates (such as it is) will count for part of the $500 million in lethal military aid for Ukraine passed by the US Senate on September 18.

We note from the Wikipedia Oliver Hazard Perry frigate article: “The last one remaining in active service, USS Simpson, was decommissioned on 29 September 2015. The retired vessels were either mothballed or transferred to other navies for continued service.”

We have already published a story on Ukrainians themselves mocking the idea of Old US tin cans passing as new Navy Ships and on Ukraine’s receiving two US patrol boats to face Russia in the Sea of Azov.

We read in June, in that Igor Voroshenko, head of the Ukrainian Naval forces, admitted shipbuilding in Ukraine was dead in the water for utter lack of money.

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Novorosinform adds other background:

On September 27, the United States transferred to Ukraine two boats to face the Russian fleet in the Black and Azov Seas.

On September 23, it became known that the ship of the Ukrainian Naval Administration “Donbass” and the tug “Korets” entered the exclusive economic zone of Russia off the coast of the Crimean peninsula.

Later, on the same day, Stepan Poltorak, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, reported that the vessels passed under the Crimean Bridge to form a fleet base in the Sea of ​​Azov.

On September 24, the Ukrainian deputy Vinnyk told the details on the creation of a naval base of Ukraine in the Sea of ​​Azov.

On September 16, it was reported that the Ukrainian authorities intend to create a naval base on the Azov Sea by the end of 2018.

The day before, President of Ukraine Poroshenko accused the Russian Federation of blocking ship calls in the Sea of ​​Azov in order to occupy it.

In addition, in September, it was reported that Ukraine decided to increase its military presence in the Azov and Black Seas, sending 270 militants of the maritime special forces there.

September 13, the Armed Forces of Ukraine reinforced the army grouping in the Azov direction.

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