What’s Behind the New U.S Strategy in Syria?


The United States is likely to use new sanctions as a new strategy against Russian and Iranian companies involved in the reconstruction of Syria, according to Russian experts.

This new strategy aims to expel Iranian forces from Syria by putting pressure on the country financially and focusing on “political and diplomatic efforts.” Moscow, meanwhile, has firmly maintained its rejection of unilateral US sanctions against Iran, according to Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

Experts believe that the United States has no interest in rebuilding Syria, so they would be creating obstacles against companies involved in rebuilding the country.

Another possible reason would be the fact that “if Syria’s cities returned to normal, this would mean that Moscow would have achieved its goal, and that it could occur in Libya, Iraq, Central African Republic and some other countries, so the US would be doing its utmost to prevent the rebuilding of Syria,” according to political scientist and professor of American studies Viktor Olevich to the Russian newspaper Vzglyad.

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According to Viktor Olevich, Washington would be taking such measures because it acknowledged its impotence and failure to try to end Assad’s long rule in the face of Russian and Iranian activities, “leaving the United States only to increase the value of the victory that Syria, Russia and Iran must pay.”

“The US benefits from war and human suffering,” so they refused to participate in the recovery of Syria’s economy, said Vice-President of the Parliament of International Affairs, Vladimir Dzhabarov.

Dmitry Abzalov, chairman of the Strategic Communications Center, concluded that the US-imposed sanctions will have no influence on Russian companies working in the reconstruction of Syria because they know how to circumvent the situation and that everyone has enough experience to get away with the sanctions imposed by the US in their desperate efforts to prolong the war in Syria.

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