When “The News” hides the news: President Obama’s wearing tan was fake news that hid the real stuff

A news reading experiment: What was the real news that the tan suit masked? We look back at what it crowded off page 1


What’s in the news is not what’s really going on. I can prove it.
I want to stay away from the current red flag being waved in front of us, and go back to when it was front page news that Obama showed up in a tan suit. Turns out that big news can be fake news in that it crowds real information off the front page.
What, in the last week of August, 2014, was actually going on, news that got bumped from the MSM in favor of Obama’s faux pas in style? The digging has been a worthwhile experiment.
Here’s one: the UN reported that ISIS, when they took over Mosul, separated out the Shiites, and shot them. 670 of them. Did you see it?

But Whoa! Obama wore a tan suit!
ISIS took over Tripoli, effectively dividing Libya into two separate governments. Obama wore a tan suit.
Israel bombed a high-rise building in Gaza. Their assault on Gaza was in its 8th week. 2,000+ Palestinians dead. Obama wore a tan suit.
Obama authorized spy flights over Syria as a prelude to air strikes against ISIS. Though Damascus expressed a willingness to cooperate against ISIS, it warned that unilateral action would be seen as an “act of aggression.” Obama wore a tan suit.
A series of bombings targeting Shiite areas, including a Shiite mosque, killed 70 people in Baghdad.

Obama wore a tan suit.
In Ferguson, Michael Brown was murdered by police. Video showed at least ten shots.

Obama was caught wearing a tan suit.
The US military banned all employees from visiting the Intercept news site and began blocking it on work computers, purportedly because it was publishing classified material. Military employees reported being told it is “illegal and a violation of national security” to read The Intercept.

Obama showed up wearing a tan suit.
Likeliest reason for the ban: The Intercept revealed that the NSA is secretly providing troves of data to domestic law enforcement agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration and FBI. The search tool, known as ICReach, contains information on both foreigners and millions of U.S. citizens who have not been accused of wrongdoing.

Obama wore a tan suit.
Occupy Wall street filed suit against the NYPD for the mass arrest of 700 demonstrators on the Brooklyn Bridge in 2011. New York City sought dismissal. The court refused to dismiss the case.

Obama wore a tan suit.
Austerity, pushed by Germany, crippled economies and sparked huge protests all over Europe, even led to Hollande dissolving the French government.

Obama wore a tan suit.
Activist Daniel McGowan, released to a halfway house, was re-arrested after writing an article about being held in solitary (“Communications Management Unit”) and they put him in solitary all over again. He was released when federal officials got informed the re-arrest rationale was unconstitutional. His lawyer’s quote is worth noting: “Communication management units are wrong now, they were wrong then, and trying to tell that to the world should not get you thrown back in prison.”

But Obama wore a tan suit.
Petro Poroshenko dissolved the Ukrainian Parliament on the grounds that too many MPs were sympathetic to the rebels.

But Obama wore a tan suit.
Another Bushie, after crowding all else from the news, is added to an already Corporate Supreme Court.

I suspect it’s a tan suit.

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