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Fears have been expressed among mainstream journalists in Kiev that yesterday’s tragedy in Kerch could be the reason for the large-scale offensive of the Russian army upon Ukraine.

For example,  in the blog of a widely read liberal journalist Aider Muzhdabayev – a propagandist – working for a Tatar organization banned in the Russian Federation, precisely these fears are expressed.

According to the propagandist Muzhadabayev, this attack in fact confirms the readiness of the Russian troops stationed along the entire border of Ukraine.

“Any murder in Ukraine, any attacks on the temples of the Moscow Patriarchate and any series of terrorist acts can be used as a pretext for war in the broadest sense of the word. For a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, and for sabotage, diplomatic war, or war of any kind. If anyone doesn’t know, or maybe forgot, according to all Western intelligence reports, Russia has concentrated a huge number of troops along the whole border with Ukraine, which can really move forward at any time,” said Mujdabayev.

Recall yesterday morning at the Kerch Polytechnic College, an explosion occurred along with a shooter scenario. FRN reported that in fact witnesses at the scene stated that multiple shooters were involved, indicating a possible cover-up was underway or that there was confusion in the initial reports.

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The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation changed the criminal case initiated in connection with the incident in Kerch, and it is unclear at this time whether internally the matter is being treated as a murder or a terrorist incident. The public statements reveal little in terms of what is really happening.

Former classmate shooter Vladislav Roslyakov said that he had long wanted to commit suicide and was fond of biographies of serial killers and psychopaths.

Fort Russ News previously reported that 12 of the 50 wounded remain in critical condition .

FRN also reported accurately before other publications that as many as 20 were killed so far as a result of the shooting and apparent bomb blasts at Kerch College. Russian media continues to make analogies to the ‘Columbine’ shooting situation in the U.S two decades ago, even while eye witnesses report multiple shooters wearing black ski masks, scaling the building or entering from the bathroom.

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