by Jonathan Azaziah


by Jonathan Azaziah – Palestinians in illegally besieged Gaza were demonstrating in droves to mark 6 months since the Great March of Return was launched. So how did ‘Israel’ react? The same way it’s been reacting for that very 180-day time frame: With a massacre. IOF snipers and artillery units unleashed an unholy barrage of live ammunition on the protesters demanding an end to the barbaric Zio-siege on the Strip, wounding over 250 innocents and martyring 7, including two children–11-year old Nasser Azmi Khalil Musbeh, who was shot in the head just east of Khan Younis, and 14-year old Muhammad Nayef Yousuf al-Houm, who was shot in the chest not too far from Boureij. 25-year old Muhammad Ashraf al-Awawdeh was also killed in Boureij and Khan Younis saw another martyr in Muhammad Ali Muhammad Inshasi, just 18 years old, who bled out after being hit in the stomach. Iyad Khalil Ahmad al-Shaer was only 18 too. He was clipped in the chest in Gaza City, which also witnessed 24-year old Muhammad Bassam Muhammad Shakhsa and 32-year old Muhammad Walid Haniyeh joining the brigade of Shouhada after IOF shot each of them in the face.

Among the wounded were a paramedic and four media workers including 23-year old journalist Hanin Mahmoud Sulayman Baroud, who is now in critical condition after being struck in the head at high-velocity with a tear gas canister. Going back to Land Day of this year when the Great March of Return first began, over 10,000 Palestinian civilians have been injured and hospitalized by the ‘Israeli’ occupation army. A more staggering statistic is that 77 people have gotten amputations thanks to the Zionist terrorists, including a woman and 14 children. 12 more have been paralyzed, both partially and fully, from spinal chord injuries. And do keep in mind that all of this documented killing and maiming done by the artificial Jewish “state” is only at the demonstrations alone. This doesn’t include random air raids, drone attacks, shootings, denial of medical treatment, tunnel collapses, poisonings from the undrinkable, contaminated water, etc. that have become part and parcel of life under Judaic siege in the Strip.

Take the death and destruction in like the toxic air of Gaza itself. Breathe it deep. Especially the martyrdoms of the 11-year old Nasser Azmi Khalil Musbeh and 14-year old Muhammad Nayef Yousuf al-Houm. Then look into the future for just a moment and imagine being neighbors with their killers. Having a coffee with their murderers. Enjoying a football match side by side in the stands with their slaughterers. Going to the masjid or the church while their shooters head to the synagogue [of Satan] across the street. Does this sound feasible to you? What about normal? Is it anywhere near the realm of normality?

Well. This is what you’re asking for when you call for a “one state solution” and “democracy” as well as “equal rights” for “all” in Palestine. It is as absurd as it is offensive as it is massively unjust. There can never be normalization with the usurpers of Palestinian land and takers of Palestinian life. Never. And like it or not, bitch and moan about “anti-Semitism” or don’t, every ‘Israeli’… Not the majority… Not most… Not even close to all… but EVERY ‘Israeli’ is complicit in the oppression of the Palestinians in Gaza and throughout the Holy Land. And if you have a contrary opinion, check the numbers directly from ‘Israeli’ and Jewish communal media that show ‘Israelis’ supporting every major IOF atrocity over the last 20 years alone in the upper 90th percentile. Their presence is violence. Their residential continuation is violence. Simple and plain.

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Let the latest Great March of Return Shouhada be the death knell for all talk of the “one state solution” which is just as dead as the “two state solution”. Let the latest Great March of Return Shouhada be a reminder that the Hizbullah-Algeria Option is the only means available to truly liberate Falasteen from the River to the Sea, deliver the Right of Return and bring justice, dignity and closure to all the victims of the Nakba–not only in Palestine but across the Islamicate. Doesn’t matter where the ‘Israeli’ parasites end up, whether in Europe, America, Canada or Birobidzhan. They just can’t stay. It isn’t their land. It wasn’t their land. And it will never be their land. Doesn’t matter “what they’re going to do” or “how they’re going to feel”.

Our concern, nay, our ALLEGIANCE, is to the Moustazafeen of Palestine, not the Yahoudi-Sahyouni Moustakbireen who have been tormenting them for over a century. Dead the political correctness. Dead the fears. Dead the doubts. Dead the hesitations. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Death to ‘Israel’. Death to every platform that doesn’t uphold the righteousness of screaming death to ‘Israel’. Death to every project that doesn’t acknowledge the authority of the Resistance Axis in leading the struggle to bring about death to ‘Israel’. Shame on all who use the sacrifices of Palestine’s martyrs to promote the false notion of a “one state solution” with rapists and thieves just to please liberal fake friends of the Palestinian cause. And further shame on all those who don’t think that death to ‘Israel’ is coming. You pessimistic, Westoxified, Judaized hypocrites. Make no mistake… It absolutely is coming. In the name of the Great March of Return, Land Day, the Naksa, the Nakba, the Mouqawamah Bloc and every human being that became a Shahid at World Zionism’s gnarled fingers… It’s coming. DTI.

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