YOU’RE FIRED! – Trump ‘Retires’ Nikki Haley


Published on: Oct 9, 2018 @ 20:58 – Today, US President Donald Trump made an announcement at a planned press conference, that Nikki Haley would no longer be serving as the US’s representative to the UN. All in all, things point to Nikki Haley being asked to step down by someone. Certainly her words that  she does not yet have plans for her next role  are not those of someone who came up with the plan in order to do something ‘better’. Her reason for stepping down from a non-termed position on the basis of something bizarre like ‘term limits’ and ‘knowing when to step aside’ all indicate the language of pressure put upon her. “I think it’s just very important for government officials to know when to step aside,” said Haley. Haley strangely said she had no “personal reasons” for leaving, and felt – for no given reason – that someone else should take the role after she served eight “intense” years in South Carolina and at the UN. Do those two jobs run together? We suppose ‘2 years at the UN’ just doesn’t sound intense, but 8 years, umkay.

So from all this, and from the body language and the corporatese phraseology used by both Trump and Haley at the press conference, all indicates that this was not Haley’s idea. This came down on Haley. But from who, and how? Trump himself is a likely candidate.

Trump is not one to show any chinks in the armor, but one thing easily notable is that in this case, as in others, Trump insists on making the statement himself. He then sits there while the other party gives their statement. These are very important ‘power moves’ meant to try to show that none of these developments represents dissension in the ranks. More to the point, however, it practically – and intentionally so – gives the audience the idea that this is his idea.

For Trump, things don’t happen unless it’s apparently his idea. There are certainly the ongoing rumors that Haley is the source of the infamous anonymous letter that there is a move inside the administration to undermine Trump. There’s also the rumor that Haley and Trump had some sort of fling, which wouldn’t be unusual for the ‘Grab her-by-the-Pussy’ -in Chief. Certainly Haley’s attitude towards Russia at the UN has been at odds with Trump’s professed statements. Maybe there’s a huge clue there, we can recall that during a particularly weird TV appearance in April, Haley announced the US would impose new sanctions on Russia. But Trump insisted in fact that no such sanctions had been put in place, and the White House blamed the misunderstanding on a “momentary confusion” on Haley’s part. Was Haley showing her hand, or was she merely being overly defensive when she quickly responded that she did not “get confused.”?

There’s certainly room enough to consider that like with many of Trump’s appointments, the decisions were made directly, or as a compromise with, the so-called ‘Deep State’ – the post WWII intelligence leaders of the military industrial complex.

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At 9:09 she all but gives it away, conceding that many people will speculate that other factors, less flattering on her reputation and self dignity, are at play.

Trump mentioned Pompeo in all this. Mentioning names doesn’t happen for ‘no’ reason, and Trump’s words about Pompeo liking her may be as real as the notion that Haley’s idea was to resign in the first place. At the end of the day, this looks like Trump has fired Haley.

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