Agents of Influence? This is how Soviet Premier Andropov Explained It

By Ilia Belous


Published on: Nov 3, 2018 @ 17:41 – 

By Ilia Belous – Yuri Andropov on “agents of influence” (1977)

The term ” agents of influence ” was first used by the chairman of the KGB OF THE USSR, Yuri Andropov, as early as 1977 in the report for the politburo regarding plans of the CIA to acquire them.

(Addressed to the Central Committee of the Communist Party note by the chairman of the KGB Andropov from 1977 First released by the chairman of the KGB in Krûčkovym while at the closed meeting of the Supreme Council of the USSR on 17 June 1991)

According to reliable data received by the state security committee, recently on the  CIA, based on the analysis and prediction of its specialists on further ways of development of the USSR, is developing plans to intensify hostile activities aimed at the decay of Soviet society and its disintegration. To this end, American intelligence is putting the task of recruiting agents of influence from the number of Soviet citizens, conducting their training and further promoting the management of the policy, economy and science of the Soviet Union.

The CIA has developed programmes of individual training of agents of influence, providing for the acquisition of the skills of spy activities, as well as their concentrated political and ideological processing. In addition, one of the most important aspects of the preparation of such an agent is the teaching of management techniques in the leadership of the people

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The leadership of American intelligence is planning a purposeful and persistent, non-cost-effective search for persons capable of their personal and business qualities in the perspective of taking administrative positions in the office of management and performing the opponent’s tasks. At the same time, the CIA is based on the fact that the activities of individual, non-affiliated agents of influence, implementing a policy of sabotage and warping guidance, will be coordinated and directed from a single centre established within the framework of American intelligence.

According to the CIA, the targeted activities of the agent of influence will contribute to the creation of certain difficulties of a political character in the Soviet Union, delay the development of our economy, will mislead scientific research in the Soviet Union. In formulating these plans, American intelligence is based on the fact that the increasing contacts in the Soviet Union with the west create favourable prerequisites for their realization in modern conditions.

According to American scouts designed to directly engage in work with such an agent from the number of Soviet citizens, the programme is now being carried out by the American security services, the programme will contribute to qualitative changes in the various spheres of the life of our society, and above all in the economy, which will contain numerous Western ideals.

The KGB takes into account the information received for the organization towards dissecting these activities and the suppression of American intelligence plans.

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