ATLANTIC COUNCIL: U.S Tool in Achieving Geopolitical Goals

By Ilya Belous


FRN presents the following with great enthusiasm. FRN and the individuals comprising our team have ourselves been the particular target of the Atlantic Council and its various cohorts and projects. These attacks have been defamatory, economic, and a campaign of silencing and intimidation. This is very real to us, and thank our readers ahead of time for reading the following. – J. Flores


By Ilya Belous – The Atlantic Council is an American non-governmental organisation under the authority of NATO that defines its aims as:


“…promoting constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the Atlantic Community’s central role in meeting global challenges”.

Among the sponsors of the Atlantic Council are: private charity foundations; NATO; federal agencies including the CIA, the US State Department, the National Intelligence Council (NIC); the analytical center at the US Intelligence Community, which coordinates the work of 17 intelligence agencies; the Department of Defence; US energy companies; and also the leading American corporations (Chevron, Lockheed Martin, Exxon Mobil, 21st Century Fox).

[ Editor’s note – In addition the Atlantic Council works with Google, Adsense, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter to ensure that FRN’s message is hard to get. ]


The list of donors of the Atlantic Council is huge.

In it there are even foreign countries — the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, the government of Sweden, the Turkish Ministry of Energy and National Resources, the Ministries of Finance of Cyprus and Japan, the MacArthur Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation, the JD Rockefeller Foundation, the Viktor Pinchuk Foundation, and also the Banderist “Ukrainian World Congress”.

The Atlantic Council was created in 1961 to “develop cooperation between the US and Europe”. On the official website of this organization we read the following:

“The Council provides an essential forum for navigating the dramatic shifts in economic and political influence that are shaping the twenty-first century by educating and galvanizing its uniquely influential, nonpartisan network of international political, business, and intellectual leaders”.


For this purpose the US creates a fifth column in various countries of the world via collaborators who are ready to accept the domination of an external entity in their own country. In other words, the Atlantic Council hires neo-Vlasovs.

The headquarters of the Atlantic Council are often visited by well-known white ribbon protesters – Garry Kasparov, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Kasyanov, Ilya Yashin, the economist Sergey Aleksashenko (who fled to the US in 2013), Boris Nemtsov’s daughter Zhanna, and many others.

The structure of the Atlantic Council also includes the Eurasian Center. It is headed by the former ambassador of the US in Ukraine (2003-2006) John Herbst.

Herbst took an most active part in the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, which was conducted by the CIA from November 22nd, 2004 to January 23rd, 2005, during which Viktor Yanukovych’s victory was declared as fraudulent and the husband of the CIA agent Kateryna Chumachenko – Viktor Yushchenko – came to the power.

The sign of a clenched fist as a symbol of the fight against the Soviet space appeared already in the 1980’s.

[Editor’s Note – This is also the Fist Used by the Color-Revolution movement ‘Otpor!’ in Yugoslavia, to bring down Milosevich from within. Additionally, the same fist is used by the Trotskyist organization the ISO in the US, which also receives funding from George Soros by way of their book printing operation. Additionally it was used in Tahrir Square, and other places where the Color-Revolution tactic was used. Finally, it was used by ‘Solidarity’ in Poland, a project of the U.S and the Vatican, to mobilize an anti-communist labor movement]

Sitting in the forefront: the permanent representative of the US to the UN J. Kirkpatrick and the head of the “Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations” and “Organisation of Ukrainian nationalists of Bandera” in the years of their cooperation with the SS (1912-1986) Yaroslav Stetsko.

Sitting in the background: president of the “Victory Over Communism” organisation (Japan) Osami Kuboki and member of the British parliament John Wilkinson.

Between them there is Kateryna Chumachenko – the director of the Ukrainian National Information Service, CIA agent, and future wife of Viktor Yushchenko.

During the “Orange Revolution” the Daily Times describes ambassador Herbst as:

“an erudite, charming and linguistically gifted diplomat” whose accomplishments “conveyed Bush policy that Ukraine should not join the Common Economic Space with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan because ‘it is not in [its] interests to have this integration complicated”.

Even now Herbst still has ties with the nationalist lackeys of the Americans in Ukraine.

Subsequently Herbst headed the Center for Complex Operations of the National University of Defense of Ukraine.

The Russian fifth column, like the Ukrainian one, also works under the auspices of the NATO structure. At the platforms of the Atlantic Council Garry Kasparov talks about the“dictatorship” in Russia to the applause of the public, Khodorkovsky reports about the subject “Russia without Putin”, and Zhanna Nemtsova agitates the public to make a donation to the fund named after her father. The chairman of the PARNAS party Mikhail Kasyanov lobbies the expansion of the anti-Russian sanctions lists through the Atlantic Council.

Zhanna Nemtsova received a “Freedom award” from the Atlantic Council. The award includes €1 million, from which €250,000 went to the Nemtsov Fund for the “construction of a civilised Russia”.

At the office of the Atlantic Council Ilya Yashin’s report “Putin. War” was presented. The main thesis of the report was that in Ukraine there are active armed Russian forces. The evidentiary base of the report was zero, however the audience of the Atlantic Council, without asking too many questions, met the report with delight. Some of the money given for the purpose of writing the report was received from the funds of the Atlantic Council.


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3 years ago

Thank you for history about the Atlantic Council , who they are and what entities finance it .It is clearly dominated by the United States for multinational corporate capitalist domination in world politics. It so very very true ,everything we have been told is a lie.

Russell Bonner Bentley III
Russell Bonner Bentley III
3 years ago

The Atlantic Council also supports professional bullshit artists Elliot Higgins and the DFRLab propaganda organization, both of which have targeted FRN and Russell “Texas” Bentley directly. The Atlantic Council and their minions are not just enemies of the truth, they are the very real enemies of humanity itself.

lene johansen
lene johansen
3 years ago

Atlantic council – the craddle of terror and fake news.

J Flores
J Flores
Reply to  lene johansen
3 years ago


3 years ago

all yankee NGOs should be closed down forthwith around the world, NED, USAID,etc. they are trojan horses for nefarious interference and regime change operations

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