Published on: Nov 5, 2018 @ 11:38 – Belorussian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has advised the Polish foreign minister not to create “unnecessary” military bases, otherwise Russia and Belarus will respond.

The Belarussian president stressed that his country is not looking for any military conflict and carries out an exclusively peaceful foreign policy.

“I told the [Polish] foreign minister — he spoke here in Minsk: we are not going to fight with you. Therefore, there is no need to create unnecessary bases. Otherwise, we along with the Russians will have to respond. It means that we will have to deploy something in order to counteract you, ” Lukashenko said, as quoted by the Belta news agency.

On October 26, Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz said that Poland would strengthen military cooperation with the United States, emphasizing that Warsaw sought the permanent presence of US military personnel in the country.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump announced after a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda that his administration is considering establishing a permanent military base on Polish territory and that Warsaw is willing to pay “billions of dollars” for its installation.

In Poland, a US tank brigade with about 3,500 men is currently being set up on a rotating basis. In the territory of the country was also positioned a multinational battalion of NATO with a thousand or more soldiers.

While an attack on US forces in Poland establishes a huge liability in terms of loss potential and any expected US response would be justified on those grounds, nevertheless the present Polish government has found it wise to establish the country as a shock absorber and impact zone for any Russian response.

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Russian diplomat Aleksandr Grushko said on the sidelines of the Security Conference of Munich days ago that Russia and Belarus have the technical-military potential to respond appropriately to the threats linked to the possible deployment of a permanent US base in Poland.

“Russia and Belarus have a whole spectrum of technical-military measures that allow them to do so effectively and without much cost,” Gruskko said, responding to a question about setting up the base. According to him, the two countries have enough potential “in any scenario to securely secure the interests of defensive capability and security,” said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexandr Grushko.

According to the diplomat, the most concrete questions should be addressed to the military. He stressed once again that the two countries have a whole range of technical-military possibilities to react effectively and without many costs.

“It will be a convincing demonstration that countries today call foreign troops into their territory not only do not enhance their security but expose themselves to a heightened danger,” Grushko said.

Taken together, it would appear that the US has pushed Poland again to use its limited funds and loan arrangements with the IMF to further purchase US arms, in a futile gambit or in a bizarre framework in which Poland might be an effective instrument against Russian aggression.

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