Bolivia and Russia Commit to Economic Development


Bolivia and Russia have good prospects for the development of their economic relations, the Bolivian ambassador in Moscow, Hugo Villarroel, said.

“We have a set of themes that I think give a perspective to our relationship, in order to give it an economic content to the already excellent political relationship,” said Villarroel.

The Bolivian ambassador added that there are currently two concrete elements that “link this relationship. They are the presence in Bolivia of Russian companies such as Rosatom, which builds a nuclear research center in the country and also the presence of Gazprom in the country.

Villarroel also stressed that the contract with Rosatom “is in full swing and establishes a long-term relationship” by guaranteeing the decision to “train cadres and start the task of assimilating a new technology, which is nuclear.”

As for Gazprom, the diplomat noted that there are currently discussions on “an oil contract [with the Russian company] in the Vitiaqua area, which may have investments exceeding one billion dollars, forming a joint venture between Gazprom and Bolivian YPF,” he said.

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According to Villarroel, Russia also showed its interest in the “bioceanic train, which is a magaproject in the Southern Cone, that will unite the Atlantic with the Pacific and not make it necessary to pass through the Panama Canal, reducing the transport time of a set of products from South America to Asia and Europe,” he said.

Speaking of the prospects for cooperation between Russia and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), the ambassador emphasized that “the sanctions imposed by the US and the European Union against Russia, I believe, force Russia to seek other parts of the world, including Latin America.”

“Despite the distances, language barriers, Russia naturally enjoys the sympathy of large sectors of the population and of businessmen, also increasingly in Latin America, and CELAC is an instrument of integration of the Latin American countries and also of the Caribbean countries.”

Villarroel also expressed his hope that Russia and the countries of Latin America could “earn a lot from an economic integration relationship.”

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