Brazil’s Commemoration of the Republic is Based in LIES


November 15th is the day on which the Republic is celebrated, established by the coup of a resentful monarchist general.

Backed by freemasons and landlords bitter about the end of slavery, abolished outright without ‘compensation’ fir the former owners of souls.

This process sabotaged an incipient industrialization, a project of agrarian reform and even for reparations to the ex-slaves.

That drastically reduced popular participation, including in the elections.

This ‘republican’ revolution gave rise to a social and political organization which imitated Yankee federalism [United States of Brazil].

And it favored the permanence of the power of tiny oligarchies.

It was this whose intellectual horizon was to imitate the European Belle Époque, leaving the people and their customs out of it.

But it’s a day of two lies – both Republican and Monarchist.

That of a republic that hated the people themselves, restricted their participation and wanted a “European Civilization” in the tropics; and that of a Catholic Empire dominated by Freemasons and copying English institutions, born of a slave trade between merchants who claimed to be ‘noble’.

The two institutional models sought to conform, happily, to the international division of labor and possessed foolish sparks in the gaze fixed on Enlightenment Europe.

Today we will see the excretions called “liberal monarchists” coming out in the light of day to lie brazenly about a pretended Brazilian monarchist paradise, full of honor, stability, patriotism and prosperity.

We do not spare the Republic, inaugurated by a barracks, and which among us has become synonymous with anti-popular and a pro-western oligarchy.

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The problem is when people do not know that Dom Pedro I had to abdicate because of strong liberal pressure, which was expressed in street clashes, and was influenced in turn by the wave of liberal revolutions in Europe in 1830.

They forget that the country went through its worst civil wars, some especially bloody, during the Empire. [Before they speak of the regency period, it is easy to remember that the last of the revolts did not come to an end until 1850, a decade after the Second Reign had begun].

They also forget that Dom Pedro II came to power through a white coup, the majority. And, therefore, it’s a bit off to be pointing the big to a supposed “original sin” of Deodoro of the Fonseca.

The institutional fragility in Brazil is not an invention of the Republic. On the contrary, the Republic is, in a certain sense, the result of it. The idyllic stability that some like to project in the Empire did not exist for most of its duration.

And on that day we should remember the slave-like mentality, the economy assimilated to the international division of labor, the absence of a national project that included and ushered forth from the Brazilian populations, the kleptocratic and latifundia elite that appropriated an indecent part of national wealth, and so on.

None of this was the invention of the First Republic.

November 15th was a piece of crap; but the Empire was another equally unsatisfactory and should have been shaken from below. This, yes, is the big mistake that is updated year after year among us. Not the form of state and government. But the endless postponement of the terrible and necessary day of reckoning.

It is not a day of celebration. It is a day to remember that there has still been no adjustment of accounts between the People and the breed of parasites in Brazil.

It is not Republic vs. Monarchy that is our great contradiction and, therefore, it is not in this duality where the decision for our collective future lies. It is in the duality between the People and an elite formed by people of merchant origin and suspicious roots, who have been parasitizing our country for centuries.

Monarchy? Republic? Whatever. All that matters today is the day of final reckoning, and all accounts to the people must be paid in full.


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