British Escort Russian Ships on the English Channel in Facile ‘Show of Strength’


Yesterday, it was reported that a British frigate had been sent to the English Channel to escort the Marshal Ustinov missile cruiser from the Russian North Fleet.

On Friday, the United Kingdom Navy reported that one of its Type 23 frigates, HMS St Albans, based in the city of Portsmouth, had left to escort the Russian ship.

“Marshal Ustinov, accompanied by a support vessel and a tugboat, was sailing from the Mediterranean through French waters, where the group was escorted by the French Navy,” the British statement said.

The British Navy reported that the frigate, which had a helicopter on board, continues to monitor the Russian group’s movements across the Channel until the ships leave the territorial waters near the United Kingdom.

It is worth mentioning that British ships and aircraft are often used to accompany Russian ships and aircraft when they approach the borders of the country.

FRN reminds readers that this comes right as the Spanish effectively told the British that they control Gibraltar and will allow Russian ships access to the Mediterranean via the Atlantic Ocean – a smack in the face of Atlanticism.

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However, in the opinion of the expert Boris Rozhin of the Center for Political-Military Journalism, all this is nothing more than a campaign of demonstration of strength.

“This is a reflection of the policy of Prime Minister Theresa May’s office, which is related to the need to demonstrate toughness in relations with Russia. This is seen in different statements, as well as in different actions, including demonstration of military power,” he said.

Thus, although the British know that Russian ships do not enter the waters of the United Kingdom, it is necessary for them to show that they follow a harsh policy towards Russia.

“It’s more important for domestic consumption, as the positions of Theresa May’s cabinet are vulnerable, the ministers are running away from the government because of Brexit. Russia is a good scarecrow for the British, so they use up to the passages of Russian ships to carry out demonstration of force campaigns,” he summed up.

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