Disconnecting Judeo from Christian – Brazil Is Not Part of the West


“This present ‘civilization’, starting from Western hotbeds, has extended the contagion to every land that was still healthy and has brought to all strata of society and all races the following ‘gifts’: restlessness, dissatisfaction, resentment, the need to go further and faster, and the inability to possess one’s life in simplicity, independence, and balance. Modern civilization has pushed man onward; it has generated in him the need for an increasingly greater number of things; it has made him more and more insufficient to himself and powerless. Thus, every new invention and technological discovery, rather than a conquest, really represents a defeat and a new whiplash in an ever faster race blindly raking place within a system of conditionings that are increasingly serious and irreversible and that for the most part go unnoticed. This is how the various paths converge: technological civilization, the dominant role of the economy, and the civilization of production and consumption all complement the exaltation of becoming and progress; in other words, they contribute to the manifestation of the ‘demonic’ elements in the modern world.”

– Julius Evola, Revolt Against the Modern World, (The Regression of the Castes) pp. 336

Olavo de Carvalho was responsible for nominating Chancellor of the next Brazilian government, Ernesto Fraga Araújo: he is a frequenter of his house and part of his personal circle (which, for those who know the internal customs regarding the suspicion about their sexuality).

The selection of this element as Chancellor caused attacks of euphoric hysteria between certain marginal figures of dissident circles, for the same, in his texts, quoted bastions, inspirations or intellectual sources of our Organization (New Resistance), such as Aleksandr Dugin, Oswald Spengler, Julius Evola and René Guénon.

But what good is it to cite (or play names in texts) to defend precisely the opposite, the antithesis of what these thinkers say? Perhaps the euphoria would come to believe that these authors would be something like “underground thinkers”, unknown. But that has not been the reality for a long time. They are thinkers who, although they may be hated, are not at all unknown. In Brazil, Dugin is already studied superficially in some faculties of International Relations and Political Science. Mentions of Julius Evola in scholarly work have become more common over the last 10 years. Works on Spengler in masters and doctorates of history are also not uncommon.

Of course, all of this tends to get out of the minds of most undergraduates, but it does not have to be any kind of genius or someone fundamentally “against the grain” to at least get to know and name some of the basic works of these thinkers. It is a question of possessing a rudimentary erudition, as is demanded of every diplomat.

These thinkers may be minority, and often purposely left aside by many teachers, but they are not part of any “niche” that only exists outside the Academy. The mere mention of them, therefore, means nothing. It matters whether they are being quoted according to their thoughts, or whether they are being manipulated to defend the opposite of what they believe.

And this is the case.

According to the future French Chancellor, Brazil is a part of a “Western Judeo-Christian civilization”, and should be firm in the values ​​of this civilization. The figure speaks of many obvious things that resonate in people who are unsuspecting or of little reading, because we live in an insane age where it is necessary to argue for the obvious.

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Importance of frontiers, cultural uniqueness, fundamental distinctions between peoples, none of this is some kind of novelty, nor could mark the future Chancellor as one of ours. Reflections of this type, or even more radical, can be found among liberals or communists of all variations over the last two centuries.

Let us therefore focus on the essence of his discourse. “Western Judeo-Christian civilization”. To defend this idea, the future Chancellor of the Holocaust throws fragments of the thinking of Evola and Spengler.

First, the most obvious and obvious: the concept of “Judeo-Christian”, “Judeo-Christianity”, is an invention whose fundamental purpose is to de-Christianize Christianity. The approach between the two worlds, which takes place through a true “Judaization” of Christianity and begins to operate with the advent of modernity, has historically proved to be a mythical tool of neo-conservative and liberal-conservative forces to elevate Israel and the Jewish people in prejudice of Christianity, of Christians in general, of Europeans, etc.

So the mention of a “Judeo-Christian civilization” must activate our mechanisms for perceiving danger. NR has already issued an important note demystifying this concept. Judeo-Christianity is, for all intents and purposes, anti-Christianity. It is a modern invention. A corruption, a perverse construct, a subversive infiltration of certain parasitic forces.

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Published on: Nov 23, 2018 @ 16:45

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