By Diego Pappalardo

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By Diego Pappalardo – German Chancellor Angela Merkel, on her own account, announced that she will no longer seek re-election as president of the Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU) and that she will not run for the Foreign Ministry in 2021, warning of the end of the Merkel era because the German national reality erodes her role and, in turn, because it signals a new stage in global politics, in which, Merkel is no longer useful for the cracks, messes and havoc that, as a wild card of the transnational elite, led Germany and in the rest of Europe.

The gigantic narratives that lavishly praise the politics born in Hamburg are coupled with the globalist machinery, portraying Merkel with a fun-house mirror.

The decision that Merkel made corroborates our assessment that we formulated in the article “Weakening of Merkel against the rise of AFD” 1 – of February of this year- where we assured that “very soon, Merkel will be History” because she no longer has the attractiveness and the ability to convince to unite the will around her and because “at the continental level, Merkel, is also in clear political decline as the spoiled child of the Rothschilds, Emmanuel Macron, is being catapulted to be the driving face of a photoshopped globalist side that will play, against Trumpism, with obvious international impact. ”

Merkel has led the CDU for 18 years and managed politics and specifically Germany for 13 years, dispensing with fidelity to German state interests, adhering to specific constituents of German society to the globalist plan to trap and mislead them, at least, to internal discord, social asthenia and perpetual economic vassalage to Atlanticism.

In the negotiation with the elements of national power, the “Iron Chancellor” has a flaccid base, since several of them have not materialized, at least to the extent of their aspirations, the expansion of their more ambitious plans and others they endeavor courageously to climb the ladder to be those who manage the national state entity, abiding by free trade and globalization.

Merkel is no longer in control of the discipline of her party and, even though her choice to win the presidency of the CDU, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, will triumph, she will not be a clone of her promoter due to the demands of modifications that there are inside and outside the political formation. The CDU has serious milestones in order to reach 30% of the votes of the national electorate, a thorny situation that explodes for itself the steep candidate of the global investment management corporation BlackRock, the billionaire Friedrich Merz, 63 years old, which promises a change of course in the CDU, and the recovery of half of the voters who leaned for Alternative for Germany in the last elections. For both Kramp-Karrenbauer and Merz, leading the CDU would express leading the post-Merkel Chancellery.

The political, economic, social, cultural and security problems, which the European Union has today, produced the repulsion and hostility of voluminous layers of middle and lower classes to the globalist delineation that Merkel embodies, due to which the image of the chancellor appears depreciated and despised.

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On the other hand, this fissure bothers and hinders the process of European integration under the format of globalism, engaging in a massive and intensified struggle between power rivals to change the pattern of administration in several nations of the continent.

Of this fray, as it could not be otherwise, the United States, Russia and China are not totally separated; even less, the City of London that strives to take advantage of turbulent Europe, and this makes it impossible for Putin’s continental influence to expand.

From the globalist Project Syndicate and with the approval of the Polish sociologist and left-wing activist Slawomir Sierakowski, the end of bipartisanship in Germany is warned and the nation could be heading towards a new stage of paralysis and instability, undermining the German hegemony in Europe. But yes, the same Project Syndicate, one of the widowers of Merkel’s political personality, urges her through an article by Javier Solana to continue strengthening the Franco-German axis, which, in a globalist code, means cooperating with Macron, the spoiled child of the Rothschilds.


Published on: Nov 24, 2018 @ 19:11


Diego Pappalardo is an International analyst, consultant  and digital journalist from Argentina.

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