FLORES: Elections! NPC’s Mobilize En Masse To Save America Through Voting – But Where’s Kanye?


Published on: Nov 7, 2018 @ 16:16 – Congrats to American NPC’s, they went to the polls and won! Red voter NPC’s and Blue voter NPC’s and their pundit shepherds have both declared victory, and rightfully so! And since it’s essentially against the law now to say these things, I’m glad I’ve already expatriated, don’t have a boss, and am dox-proof. For these reasons, I can speak some truth to power. So here’s the real low-down dirty truth.

Only when Kanye comes forward, will anything get very interesting. He’s an amazing example of a once proud human being, transformed by the Satanic Pedophile Mind-Control cult called Hollywood into an NPC, and then something snapped and he started to come out of that sunken place. The flash went off, and Trump was there to help the poor lad reassemble his mind … and his life.

Kanye is an excellent example of the journey that many Americans are on right now, and that’s critical because while very few people are megastar rappers, America’s aspirational culture – a phenomenon starting with Robin Leach’s Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – most Americans are in fact – aspirationally speaking – Kanye, Kim, or Beyonce. And while these pop cultural references are 10 and 30 years old, it speaks volumes to the fact that so very little has changed in this period on so many levels, and that’s what makes the Trump phenomenon so very interesting to everyone.

But on a fundamental level, Trump seemed very absent from this past election, and it had the look and feel of a very typical Red vs. Blue election between NPC’s, because it was.

What was needed was more ‘Ye’ and more Blexit. 

Now you may ask, who the fuck am I to have such an opinion, and where from does my bullshit arise? Well in terms of political organizing, strategy, and geopolitics, before my full time job as an accused Putin troll army leader, ‘alt-right communist’, and pro-am pundit of the Duginist western front against Atlanticism, I was in reality a labor and community organizer. For those who understand what this is and what it means, they’ll instantly understand that the following perspectives come from a place of some authority on the subject of NPC and Democrat Party politics.

You see, we used the simulation of mass movements and mass support as a form of mass hypnosis on those we were organizing, as well as the general public, i.e. the ‘community’. That means that we had to treat those being organized as NPC’s. See, they were simply objects, devices in an overall plot which, the theory goes, in the long run would be in their best interests. The morality questions regarding being your brother’s keeper, and being a good shepherd to the less fortunate or cognitively disinclined is a difficult one, and one I think decent people wrestle with, especially if they are in touch with their own real ability to do harm to others.

The most dangerous people on ‘the left’ are those who don’t understand that their shit, too, stinks like shit. The same is true, to be sure, of many ‘conservatives’ as well.

As it greatly effected yesterday’s election, and for that reason among others, it’s tremendously important to put the Democrat Party and organized labor on blast for the lot of incredibly corrupt and lying scoundrels that they are.

That’s why all roads lead to Kanye

They, Democrat voters, come in three forms: NPC’s such as most Democrat party voters, then you have cynical manipulators on a road to hell paved with good intentions who believe they are doing ‘noble lying’ (these are the worst, condescending and elitist sort), and finally the cynical manipulators consciously acting out of raw self-interest (at least they are in touch with themselves as ‘bad’ people, we could further divide the last group into those with guilt and without guilt with regard to that, but let’s not over-complicate).

In my work for the SEIU labor union, I saw first hand how it all goes down. I didn’t just ‘see it’, I ‘did it’ and ‘planned it’. We literally have ‘war rooms’ with giant wall-sized maps and graphs, we literally have a 5 point system of ranking supporters and detractors, leaders, neutrals, and anti-leaders, and geographical maps that mimic political campaign maps or Maoist guerrilla maps of ‘liberated zones’. My local had some 35 thousand members in Los Angles, and the average dues were about 35 bucks a month. Off the top that’s about 12 million a year. But see, there’s over a million SEIU members in North America, and so that’s about 35 million a month or about half a billion a year, right?

And so much of that just gets funneled, often illegally, or in that ‘grey area’ where Labor Unions and PACS sort of intertwine, right into the pockets of Democrats. And these Democrats in turn support labor initiatives OH but fuck they don’t! Not a bit, nope. That’s the scam, because the labor leaders themselves are corporatist Democrat Party operatives themselves, and their ‘real aim in life’ is to be a corrupt politician or have a high six figure salary working for the HR department for one of the very same companies which formerly they organized against. If they are a female, a homosexual, or a person of color, they can do all this with a ‘you go girl’ motivating world-view in which they, in the model of Oprah Winfrey, are the model of success. They are the change they want to see. By enriching themselves personally in one small step, they have taken one giant step for mankind. Take that model, and apply it to politics on the whole, and you understand how the Democrat Party functions in relation to labor.

And from this, from these playbooks, from these ‘Rules for Radicals’ that we used, I can tell you that all social movements and mass actions are never spontaneous, and every single one of them is AstroTurfed and highly planned and organized. This is not a bad or a good thing, it’s just a thing, and shows at least that things that are planned can be executed and seen through. It’s a weapon, like a gun, not a moral question in itself. This tactic can and has been used for good in the past. But it also tells us that nothing was ‘spontaneous’ about the Color Revolutions or Arab Spring phenomenon in Ukraine or Syria.

We literally bused the unwashed, semi-catatonic, NPC masses to the polling stations. Door-knocks, GOTV,

‘Hello are you home, I’m here to take you to the voting poll!’.

‘Today’s election day?’

‘Yes, and if you don’t vote, very bad things will happen to you, because the other guy is very dangerous, so I’m here to take you to the poll, so get in the van now. Are you a union member? The union might kick you out if you don’t vote, but I didn’t just say that.’

Yup, those words are the command prompt cheat codes you can use in the real-life-game we call reality, to literally take mind control over any NPC ‘voter’ in a capitalist society formally parading as a ‘democracy’. It allows you to toggle between strategy map turn based, to FPS in real time.

And likewise, nothing is spontaneous about Black Lives Matter or Antifa actions. It takes complicit city councils and police forces to allow these things to go down, which means that trusts, NGO’s, philanthropists, secondary education institutions, and corporate entities literally have to back these things at the local and regional levels for them to happen without mass arrests and instant shut-downs. It’s why Soros literally financed the life of Shaun King, the Rachel Dolezal of BLM.

Thinking People Don’t Vote

So here we have yet again, the most important election in our lifetimes, we are told, yes, another election cycle, the horse race, the talking heads, professional punditry at levels that would make a mega-church evangelical envious. In reality what we have are NPC’s being deluded.

FRN readers get this much, and while at times having been red-pilled on the reality can seem alienating, those of you in the states aren’t as alone as you think. In fact, if we look at the 2016 ‘apathy vote’, if that was an actual electoral college vote, we’d have had this result:

See, most people inherently get that voting makes no difference. And there’s a pretty interesting divide that takes place. Working and middle class people, and highly intelligent people (these are not different categories) in disproportionate numbers understand that voting makes no difference. Highly intelligent people of all classes intuit this through something called ‘thinking’, working and middle class people who may not be as intellectually inclined understand this through something called ‘lived experiences’ and ‘folk culture’.


Folk Culture is Revolutionary

Folk culture is inherently revolutionary, and is disdainful and distrustful of outsiders of all kinds. This includes outside thoughts, outside people, and outside socio-economic classes. Folk culture is neither rural nor urban in particular, but it is popular. It is from this very basic, healthy place, that good populism and honest demagoguery arises.

The most important and significant events in your life won’t come from anything happening in a capitalist democracy, but from the decisions you make on a daily basis, each and every day, day by day, and the internal struggle you wage against your lower self to strive for more, better, truer, and doing it with integrity and determination.

Lived experiences are tremendously important, and the present ‘fake left’ political culture emanating from Soros financed ‘community organizing NGO’s’ as well as academic institutions focused on the humanities, are based fundamentally on deprogramming people from trust in their lived experiences. They cause a trauma on the would-be convert, normally a public shaming and threat of ostracization, and then provide a ‘remedy’ an ‘out’ – one must simply renounce their past thinking and ways, and become an ‘ally’. They will be shamed until they are either ostracized or converted. The reason why you see so much abusive conduct coming from these people, is the same reason that cops are abusive – they were abused themselves earlier in life, and its a continuation of the cycle of violence.

How can we stop NPC violence? Can Kanye help?

You, Player 1, must step forward. The Players must understand their role, and the question of what separates these people from the voting mass of NPC’s is something which has fascinated political scientists for generations. Is Kanye backing Trump yet another sunken place, is his mind just too far gone?

Therefore, the Trump phenomenon and this past congressional race and the push for the Republican vote, are entirely unrelated to each other in terms of NPC’s. Republican congressional races are NPC’s, ever not yet once heard of Trump Republicans vs. ‘Neo-Con Republicans’ coming from Trump or the never Trumpers. Maybe that’s the next phase, but in polling, its Republicans at this point who oppose third party politics. This makes sense given that Trump subsumed the Independents as well.

At the same time, the push for the Democrat ticket is entirely an NPC phenomenon. This election doesn’t move anyone from the sunken place.


But what seems to be case, is a massive holographic illusion being created. We’re all back in the sunken place. This is where mass media is employed to simulate a reality, and this virtual reality simulation is indeed a simulacrum of ‘mass interest in voting’ which bear pertinent and relevant results in our lives. Beta-male NPC’s are prone to believe this, because their worldview is essentially femanesthesized – they are numb to their own human primal instincts – entirely gone is their inner lone wolf, or the pack leader, or the silverback gorilla sitting on the hill top. Their political views instead are based on what’s peer-based consensus, what’s politically correct, what’s polite and permissible, what’s allowed to be said and not be fired by an HR department run by women also suffering hormonal imbalance – this time with equally low estrogen levels. It’s all partly due to the rapid decline in testosterone in males, and the promotion of a practically 100% cruciferous vegetable diet in women’s magazines and the blogosphere, which as we know are known to block estrogen and lead towards the sorts of hormonal imbalances that lead to third wave feminism.

But the ‘Red Team’ NPC’s are no less NPC. They have the same dietary problem, the same hormonal imbalance. It comes from a different place though. Democrat men aren’t eating enough meat, whereas Republican men are eating too many carbs and tend to be more overweight. Estrogen is produced in fat cells, the more fat in your cells, the more estrogen being produced. Estrogen in women produces wonderful results, in men, it produces NPC’s.  And NPC’s of Red team are the same as NPC’s of Blue team – they have the same brainwashing – The same brainwashing and same faith that change come from the ballot box and not from the streets.

In fairness to the deplorables, many may be reaching for the red pill, but can’t swallow it. That seems to be the Kanye situation, and why he’s an example of a transformative arc in progress, in real-time. Trump Republicans voting Republican tickets that consist mostly of ‘Never Trump’ Republicans, are the monozygotic twin of ‘Left of Bernie’ socialists and communists voting Democrats along ‘lesser evilism’ (or whatever) lines.

It’s the same illness, in two colors.


Now the whole ‘theory’ that Trump is really up against the deep-state may be true and may not be true. There are certainly massive political divisions in the ruling class of the U.S Empire, but this doesn’t mean that this fight really concerns the improvement of the lives of everyday Americans,  but nor does that need to be the case for such divisions to be a good thing.


At the same time, the idea of a demagogue being against a corrupt elite, being nothing more than show – an actual conspiracy between the demagogue and the oligarchs or plutocrats – is another very real possibility. For example, both nationalist and liberal critics of Putin inside of Russia say the same about him, whether or not this is true, certainly one can learn from the possibility of this. And one can also point to any number of things that Trump has learned from Putin, and Putin from Trump. Again, these are value neutral conclusions, and these don’t speak to the geostrategic and geopolitical differences between the U.S and Russia which place the former on the side of problem and the latter on the side of solution.

But even assuming that the Trump mission is a legit one – for that story to work, requires that Trump has rebuilt the Republican Party for real along Bannon’s proscriptions, of a nationalist worker’s party. But this hasn’t happened, and it hasn’t happened at all. So the GOTV campaign for Republicans is actually voting mostly for the ‘Never-Trump’ Republicans, which is to say, the entire Republican establishment – if we follow that theory in its most plausible form.

Thank god you FRN readers know that these elections amount to basically jack, and the sooner other people get this, the better off they’ll be

Voting creates a very dangerous ‘buy in’, very few people are able to vote and walk away without a feeling of a vested interest, without getting into the ‘my team vs. your team’ thinking which mimics professional sports, but plays out more like professional wrestling.

The collective Stockholm Syndrome meets dementia makes this Groundhog’s Day/Memento scenario all the more hilarious and yet …  outrageous.


They say that people deserve the governments they have, and in a way this is true. Isn’t it? We really have to be careful, because the system has carefully crafting a narrative in which there appears to be a gulf between pre-Adamic NPC humanoids and yourselves –  thinking people endowed with souls and agency. The obvious and increasing retardation can be observed very simply.

But when we look at the alignment between the concept of the NPC humanoid, and the inexplicable rise in Zombie genre television and film since 2010, we must be careful not to take our fear of the NPC zombie towards misanthropic conclusions. That could easily be what those in power actually want. This leads us back to the ‘brother’s keeper’ conundrum. Who are we to say, and who are we to help? Can we help, should we help, and do we do more ultimate harm by helping than by letting the world go up in flames? On the balance, I want to say that we should trend towards helping, all the while realizing our own short-comings, self-interests, and frailties as humans easily capable of malpractice and harm to others in the pursuit of social justice.

The NPC’s can no longer even anthropomorphize the concept of evil in the abstract

It can’t even be an animal anymore. Gone are elephants vs. donkeys, those once unmovable mascots that arose from the gilded age and the era which gave birth to national politics. Now we have … we have colors. Red and blue. And this started on Fox News if memory serves, back in 2000 when Bush beat whoever that unmemorable former vice president was. Before that, Blue was for Republicans, and red for Democrats. Now, on the face of it, that makes more sense because communists in America, the reformist, opportunist ‘fake’ type at least – you know the ones who vote Democrat – well they voted Democrat. And red has long been the symbol of the left, and blue a color of majesty, hierarchy, and hereditary dynasties, sort of like conservatism even if not decidedly the American variety of liberal conservatism ala Edmund Burke.  But still, blue was the Republican color, and Red for Democrats.

But in NPC America, even these are reversed, and Fox News did that. It didn’t matter so much back then, because the retarded political discourse even then was still capable of supporting animal mascots to symbolize in the NPC mind, the two parties. We can thank the 19th century political cartoonist Thomas Nast for this – Elephants never forget are very strong indeed, and donkeys are … well donkeys somehow are Andrew Jackson – a jack-ass as his opponents labelled him. But he went with it, see that’s called owning it and the full reversal. And besides being an infamous murderer of Native Americans, and a treaty-breaker extraordinaire, Jackson’s war with the Banksters was truly commendable.

Now we simply have real actual people that *are* ostensibly evil, as the symbolic representation of themselves. Hillary and Trump. Blue and Red. This is, folks, where we are at. But where was Kanye?

These elections where’s the thrill? Even the horse race element of it is boring as fuck, and I’ll explain why

In football, we open with Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’ and end with Queen’s ‘We are the Champions’. At least we get that. But in NPC elections, we get zilch.

Let’s split this up like this – in American voting you have these two options: there’s getting things done that don’t make a difference to anyone, and then there’s not getting anything done. They like to chalk that up to compromises and gridlock. In the U.S, you can take your pick between these two options through  voting, but what you won’t get is getting things done that make a difference.

The whole U.S system is based on a permanent state of pretending that gridlock is the reason that popular change can’t be made, in reality the banksters, the political class, the capitalists line their pockets. And now saying this basic truth makes one a populist, a socialist, a nationalist, a communist, an antisemite, an anarchist.

Nothing happens, and if it isn’t Trump saying something hilarious and extraordinarily entertaining, if it isn’t Kanye making gestures against the Satanic Pedophile cult running Hollywood and parasitically controlling the mind of Beyonce, clinging on to papa Trump for dear life, then it’s just not interesting.

The best part of this electoral cycle was the ‘Blexit’ phenomenon, because besides being funny as fuck, the truth of the matter is that both the African American community and organized labor have only suffered from being chained to the Democrat Party. If Blexit is a pedagogic phase along the way to a truly independent labor party in the U.S, that genuinely represents the class interests of black people not as blacks but as an economic underclass within the working class that faces special oppression, then so be it. For a thousand reasons this will never happen without support from the Islamic Republic of Iran, and sometime after Russia installs nukes in Cuba, but until then, we are compelled to look towards Kanye.

But there isn’t gridlock. What there is, is a lack of really national parties

See, in the United States, the parties don’t really function as parties. The U.S, and I like this part of it actually, is supposed to function in its 1776 iteration and slightly less so in its 1789 iteration, almost like 50 different countries, that is ‘States’. So the parties – even while nominally national parties –  don’t have party discipline and they aren’t centralized parties. And that would be good, if there wasn’t a Federal government so strong that it required national parties to check it. So we have a Federal behemoth, but we don’t have National parties. You’d need a national party to deconstruct or control or change the Federal behemoth, but you don’t have that because the party system evolved out of a state-based system when the ‘national parties’ were really just big tent horse-trading institutions that tied together various local movements that were based in localized needs and concerns, and the various regional economies of ‘these’ United States.

But there’s no party centralism, no internal discipline. You can have any congressman or senator vote any way. It’s based on the individual politician, not the party. So voting a straight republican or democrat ticket doesn’t matter. And even if the voter thinks they’re savvy and are going to vote for this dem here and that rep there around ‘the issues’, still that doesn’t mean shit. Why?

Because the politician in question promises one thing, it’s his prerogative to on ahead and do whatever the fuck all else he wants once elected. There’s no party mandate, no removal from his spot on the MP list, because there’s no MP lists, and people don’t vote for parties in the U.S, they vote for unaccountable individuals that can be bought off individually – which is a hell of a lot easier than buying off a whole party (though this happens on the regs as well). This opens up many fundamentally destabilizing possibilities if and when Kanye runs for office.

Do we get this? Why are there so many exciting things happening in Europe? Because every Party is Kanye

In European parliamentary systems, there’s some more promise, because you can have even nationalist and communist parties actually run in the races, and be opposition parties in parliament. There’s even some specter of someday taking the whole thing in a storm, and doing something truly radical. But what you don’t have in Europe is the structural necessity to vote lesser evilism. And you also have this system where voters vote for the party, and the party itself has to be responsive to its members and voters, and so the representatives are simply representatives – see, they are delegated limited authority, only the authority to vote the party mandate. The physical fact that human beings sit in a building to cast votes on propositions and measures, doesn’t confer them the individual power of prejudice, preference, and whim. Their role is to perform a representative function – vote as the party says they must vote. If they don’t do as promised, it’s the party’s failure, not the individual delegate. Solutions to this problem too, have been put forward in Italy by the 5 Star Movement, based in what they term ‘direct democracy’.

What’s damaged European political systems is Americanization, but what’s allowed some very interesting things to emerge in Europe, are two things: a multi-party parliamentary system, and party centralism and discipline.

This is how we get nominally more representative governments, as in Hungary, or Italy, nearly in France, and in Greece, and so on. Now, Europe’s challenge is that Germany wants to dominate Europe, with co-partner France where in Greece they elected a Communist/Socialist government in coalition with Ultra-Right Nationalists (though Greece’s relative lack of sovereignty in the face of EU powers-that-be rendered this null). But nevertheless the government was elected. Had there been a more viable geostrategic possibility, we could have seen Greece do something truly incredible and indeed memorable. For these reasons, we can understand that Salvini, Orban, and someday hopefully soon even Wagenknecht, are all walking in the image of Kanye.


Contrast to Obama’s Democracy – The Anti-Kanye

That’s why when Obama swept in 2008 and also Democrats took the Senate and the Congress, Democrat voters got about none of the things they elected the ‘slate’ in for in the first place. Now, I speak from direct experience, and I can take us on a brief, 30 second walk, down memory lane to refresh folks about what then was being voted on, by those doing the organizing.

For the record I personally raised an ungodly sum of cash for Democrats and the Obama campaign ten years ago, because that was my job as a corrupt labor union bureaucrat. And I was able to engage in some level of double-think, and it was pretty easy. See, for the past 8 years from 2000 to 2008, we had seen an increase in austerity under Bush, and also 2, 3 wars against basically innocent people whose governments happened to supposedly have links to Al Qaeda, and then somehow this was Saddam with WMD’s. If that plot doesn’t make sense, since Saddam was basing the stability of his state on fighting Saudi backed Sunni extremists and Iranian backed Shia groups, how Saddam could be connected to ‘Islamist’ terrorism was beyond thinking people. Saddam was many things, but the only terrorism he sponsored was alongside the U.S, through the MEK, against Iran.

Democrats promised organized labor universal health care, employee free choice act (which meant card check unionization without the long election process in which business owners can run an intimidation campaign against the union), and many other things. What organized labor got was the union bosses of the UAW got some management power over GM, something that did nothing for rank and file members, and ‘Obama care’ which has seen a decrease in Americans with health-coverage since its institution, with higher rates than ever before.

Why Trump Matters

Having left the United States for greener pastures in the post-war Balkans, I also wrote off having much concern for the internal machinations of the phony political drama of that country. More interesting to me were big picture things, like, when and how the U.S Empire would collapse? Would it go slow or go fast? Would it be a result of war, or would it bring about war? Would there be an invading army, and if so, and if the U.S government was not the constitutional legal government at that point, would I join and support that international coalition of the free world against the empire?

Those were the real questions – but Trump and Kanye and Draining the Swamp got me interested in American politics again

Maybe for autistic and self interested reasons, you see, because there’s a lot of things to be read into this from the perspective of Jungian psychology and a study of archetypes and the collective unconscious.

In 2015 I predicted that Trump would win, because Hillary’s ploy to select her own opponent in the backroom deal I wrote about, would backfire. I predicted that Hillary would lose because she’s unapologetic, and could only win the race if she fulfilled a very basic feature of any good narrative trajectory, and performed the arc of transformation. She failed to transform, and say sorry for anything, and this is why everyone hated Hillary.

These midterm elections for the congress were billed,  once again and predictably so, as the most important elections of our lifetime. They rolled at the standard actors – no I mean literally actors whose job it is to promote society’s core ideological foundation and read scripts – to say just that. NPC’s believe that unthinking actors are qualified thinkers, advocates, and activists, by virtue of being actors.

Why? This is because they themselves as NPC’s believe they are qualified to do anything by virtue of reading and following the script written for them, which is their life. What can we do? Hand them a better script? Teach them to write their own script? Or do we allow some social-Darwinian process take its course? These are serious moral questions we must solve.


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