Frigate Admiral Makarov Reinforces Russia’s Naval Group in the Mediterranean


The Admiral Makarov frigate, belonging to the Black Sea Fleet, will join the group of Russian Navy ships that carry out missions in the Mediterranean Sea.

The information was recently released by the head of the Black Sea Fleet Information Department, Captain Aleksei Rulev.

Today the ship left the port of Sevastopol (Crimea) and headed for the Turkish Narrows (two straits in north-west Turkey linking the Marmara Sea to the Aegean arm of the Mediterranean Sea, on the one hand, and the Black Sea, on the other).

According to the captain of the Russian ship, during the preparations for the mission, the crew participated in several training exercises: practiced passage and maneuvers in areas of intense navigation, carried out artillery shots against sea and air targets and simulated the destruction of a target enemy using Kalibr-NK missiles.

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The frigate Admiral Makarov is the third ship of the 1135.6 project built for the Russian Navy. These frigates have a displacement of 4,000 tons and can reach a speed of 30 knots, that is, about 56 km/h.

For close combat, Admiral Makarov is equipped with an AK-190 artillery system with a range of 21 km. In antisubmarine combat, you can use the RBU-6000 rocket launcher, as well as four 533-mm gauge torpedoes. Already to combat aerial targets, the frigate is equipped with the system of missiles Shtil-1, with a range of up to 50 km. If a plane or cruise missile approaches too closely, the crew may resort to two AK-630M anti-aircraft systems.

It is likely that the frigate will be posted near Russia’s sole Mediterranean naval base at the Syrian port city of Tartous. Russia has played a key role in defeating terrorist forces in Syria, where the navy has played a key role and has participated in volleys of missile and artillery strikes against jihadist positions.

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