Hamas Releases Details of Ceasefire with Israel


The Palestinian Islamist Hamas movement, which controls the Gaza Strip has released its announcement on the ceasefire arrangement with Israel. They said on Saturday that the truce with Israel includes measures to ease the Israeli blockade of against the Palestinians of Gaza as well as the expansion of the fishing area, said Ismail Radwan, a leader of the group, in a statement.

“The agreement includes the expansion of the fishing area off the Gaza coast from 14 to 20 nautical miles, availability of a high voltage electricity line and export facilitation,” said Radwan.

According to the Hamas representative, “the reconstruction of civilian homes (destroyed by Israeli bombardment) and the development of projects to create specialist employment opportunities” are also covered by the cease-fire agreement.

Israel and Palestinian groups reached a ceasefire by an indirect agreement, mediated mainly by Egypt and the UN. The truce ended the worst escalation in violence in the region since the Israeli offensive in Gaza in 2014.

The now defunct Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has criticized the security cabinet for capitulating to Hamas and terrorism, blaming politicians for feeding a “monster” that will soon combine with the power of the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Accusing the Israeli security cabinet of effectively granting “immunity” to Hamas, accepting the terms of an Egypt-brokered ceasefire agreement that halted hot hostilities in the Gaza Strip this week, Lieberman in his last official address criticized called the leniency shown by the current Israeli leadership to the Sunni fundamentalist organization.

“We are currently feeding a monster that, if we do not stop rearmament and build strength, in a year we will have a Hezbollah twin with all that entails,” he said.

After his farewell tour of IDF commanders and soldiers, the Israeli army chief reiterated his firm conviction that the IDF should have dealt with Hamas “much earlier, much more determinedly,” soon after the protests of the Great March of Return, in the border of Gaza.

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Blaming Israeli politicians for “capitulation to terror”, the former Israeli minister also criticized Tel Aviv’s recent decision to alleviate the Gaza blockade by allowing a $ 90 million cash injection in the enclave, “at the price of term security of national security “.

Lieberman handed over his resignation letter last Thursday, a day after announcing his departure from the Cairo-brokered ceasefire agreement that ended two days of hostilities between IDF and Palestinian extremists.

The crisis, described as the most intense since the Gaza war in 2014, began with a secret Israeli incursion into Gaza on Sunday. In what they called “retaliation,” Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine launched more than 400 rockets and missiles in southern Israel on Monday and Tuesday. Israel responded by attacking more than 150 “terrorist” targets in the enclave.

Not satisfied with the outcome of the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, Lieberman has become a proponent of a large-scale incursion into Gaza to effectively eliminate Hamas’s ability to attack Israel. As tanks and extra contingents of troops were being sent to the border, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accepted the terms of the ceasefire agreement, to the bitter disappointment of the Defense Minister. Lieberman was reportedly one of four ministers who opposed the agreement.

With Lieberman’s departure, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar advised Israel not to “try to test us again” and warned against any assassination attempts or attacks on Gaza in the future.

“Anyone who tests Gaza will find death and poison. If we are attacked, we will let the Tel Aviv dam speak,” said Sinwar. “Our missiles are more accurate, have a wider range and carry more explosives than before.”

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