High Skepticism Surrounding Claim that the U.S Abandoned Aim of Deposing Assad


Published on: Nov 24, 2018 @ 13:52 – The United States, in declaring its lack of intention to change Syria’s leadership, is trying to remove its label of aggressor, realizing that the Libyan scenario cannot be repeated in Syria because of the Russian military, said Andrei Suzdaltsev, deputy dean at the Moscow School of Economics.

Earlier, US Special Representative for Syria James Jeffrey said in an interview to RIA Novosti and the Kommersant newspaper that the United States, while considering Syrian President Bashar Assad as a war criminal, does not intend to change leadership in Syria and do not want it to collapse, but instead defend the territorial integrity of the Arab Republic.

According to the political scientist, the presence of the Russian military in Syria completely changes the situation, makes it impossible for all US projects to divide the territory of the country. The repetition of the Libyan scenario is impossible because of the presence of Russian troops.

“So such statements are a tactical move to remove the accusations against the United States as an aggressor country that has not been invited to the territory and even threatens the current regime,” said the scientist, adding that after these statements the accusations are apparently withdrawals and the US stand in the eyes of the international community as fighters against terrorists, which already seems noble.

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According to him, the United States is aware that the situation in Syria is different from the situation in Iraq and Libya.

“The United States takes into account the fact that as long as Russia is present in Syria, it will be necessary to coordinate its actions with it,” he noted.

The US-led coalition has been active since 2014 in Iraq and Syria with the alleged goal of defeating ISIS terrorists. However, the actions of the coalition in Syria are carried out without authorization from the country’s authorities.

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