How do Russia and Brazil Rank Militarily among the World’s Strongest Armed Forces?


Published on: Nov 23, 2018 @ 16:50 – The Russian and Brazilian armies were included in the ranking of the 25 strongest armed forces in the world according to the popular Global Firepower website, which ranks these.

In creating the ranking, the experts took into account more than 50 indicators, among them the variety of equipment, potential mobilization, geography, logistical capabilities, available natural resources, level of industrial development, among others.

The highest seats were occupied by nuclear powers and NATO members. Countries with no access to the sea did not lose points by not having navy.

The United States topped the list, with the number of military personnel a little larger than 2 million. The US military has nearly 6,000 tanks, a little more than 13,000 aircraft, including about 2,000 fighters, as well as 415 ships, Business Insider explained. The country’s military budget amounts to 647 billion dollars.

The US is followed by Russia with more than 3.5 million military personnel. According to the portal, the Russian Armed Forces has almost 4,000 airplanes, more than 20,000 tanks and 352 ships. The military budget totals 47 billion dollars.

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Third place in the ranking was assigned to China with an army of over 2.5 million troops. The People’s Liberation Army of China has more than 7,500 tanks, more than 3,000 aircraft and 714 ships. The Chinese military budget reaches 151 billion dollars.

The Brazilian Army was in 14th place on the list, with military personnel reaching almost 2 million. According to the statistics of the portal, Brazil has 723 airplanes, among them 43 fighters, 469 tanks and 110 ships. The military budget is $29.3 billion.

In the top 10 were also included the armed forces of India, France, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Turkey and Germany.

It is worth noting that every BRICS member with the exception of South Africa is featured in the top 10 most powerful militaries. However, BRICS is an economic bloc without military aspirations. It does show a growing shift however that those states not part of the Anglo-dominated sphere are now rising to become capable military powers.

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