Internationalism: Kim Jong-un Wishes Assad Success Against ‘Hostile Forces’


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un congratulated Syrian President Bashar Assad on the 48th anniversary of the Corrective Revolution and wished him success in the fight to “thwart hostile forces.”

“On this occasion, I sincerely wish your government and your people sincere successes in the just cause to thwart the maneuvers of the hostile forces and preserve the independence, security and territorial integrity of the country,” the message said as quoted by the North Korean media.

The Corrective Revolution began in November 1970, when General Hafez Assad (Bashar Assad’s father), then Minister of Defense, led this political process and came to power in the country.

Syria has been since March 2011 engaged in an intense conflict in which government troops are facing armed opposition factions and terrorist groups backed by imperialist forces.

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As part of the Astana consultations, it was agreed to hold the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, which was held in late January in the Russian city of Sochi and concluded with the approval of a list of candidates for the Constitutional Commission, which will meet in Geneva.

North Korea has always maintained close ties with the socialist governments of the Middle East throughout recent history. North Korea, as a state who has successfully defended itself from imperialism for decades, has always had cordial relations with Syria. This is mostly because North Korea adopts an anti-imperialist ideology that is naturally at odds with the state of Israel, established as a state for Jewish colonists.

These relations are strong enough so-much-so that Koreans have died fighting against the Zionist entity in wars against Syria. North Korea has always maintained that Syria must remain sovereign and independent and that the current war is not a civil conflict, but an imperialist war of aggression against the Arab country. Embassies have always been maintained between the two countries.

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