Ishchenko: Citizens Freeze as Ukraine’s Oligarchs Move Against Poroshenko


As election time nears, Ukraine’s oligarchs are increasingly moving against Poroshenko. And while opportunities can always arise out of chaos, it is – today – the people who suffer as pawns in this game for power in Kiev. This time, winter heating itself is used, explains analyst Rostislav Ishchenko, made popular to international audiences through Fort Russ News. The people blame Poroshenko for many things, which they aren’t wrong to in some sense, but here it is exposed that gas being turned off is an election ploy by gas magnates against Poroshenko himself. The following is an interview from with Ishchenko. – J. Flores, Editor


Turning off the heating in the cities of Ukraine is a political tactic. Mayors deliberately brought the situation in the cities to popular uprisings to show that the current president, Petro Poroshenko, is not coping with his duties, according to Ishchenko in an interview with

According to him, the mayors of cities who are supporters of the manufactured opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko in the upcoming elections in 2019, specifically brought the situation to the point that “Naftogaz” was forced to turn off their gas.

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“They brought the situation to popular riots in order to demonstrate what Poroshenko is a bastard. Well, of course, Poroshenko, of course, a bastard, another thing is that they are no better. Understand that if in all these cities the mayors really supported the opposition and the same thing happens in all (that is, non-payment even for restructured debts), then it is clear that they provoke Naftogaz, which has no other means of struggle than turning off gas … They (the local authorities – ed.) brought the situation to popular revolts, now everything is quietly paid, in the cities they will turn on the heating, but everyone will remember that Poroshenko is a scoundrel. That is, this is purely a political tactic, ”said Ishchenko.

Recall that in the fall in Ukraine there was a critical situation with heating. Cities are frozen because of the multimillion-dollar debts of gas suppliers to Naftogaz, which refuses to supply gas to enterprises.

Beginning on the evening of December 13th, Naftogaz of Ukraine announced that it will not possible be to provide permits for the supply of gas to heat two dozen supplying enterprises, including a dozen large ones in nine regions. The company stressed that in most cases, the accumulation of significant debt and the disruption of its repayment schedule are the result of the inaction of local authorities and published a full list of territories in which local enterprises owed for heating. It includes: Krivoy Rog, Pyatikhatki, Donetsk region, Berdyansk, Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district, Fastov, Kropyvnytskyi, Severodonetsk, Pervomaisk, Kherson, Shepetovka and Smila. A complete list of businesses and amounts owed can be found  here .

On November 16th, Poroshenko, under his personal responsibility, called on freezing citizens to tear off seals from boiler houses. He also threatened the local authorities with early elections if this, in the shortest possible time, was not corrected-  this situation with the supply of heat to the cities of Ukraine.

However, as noted earlier by representatives of various gas companies, unauthorized connection to the distribution network may lead to an emergency, as a result of which the gas supply will be completely stopped.   

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