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Major Turkish media outlet Anadolu reports that Seven US soldiers were released under an exchange deal between ISIS and the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK, according to reliable local sources in Deir al-Zour province, in eastern Syria.

In statements to Anatolia, the sources explained that “Daesh” (ISIS) captured seven US soldiers, during clashes with elements of the organization “YPG/PKK”, which is supported by the United States, last September, in the province of Deir al-Zour.

The sources, who preferred not to be identified, said that “Daesh” captured part of the seven U.S soldiers in attacks on oil fields in the area, and the rest in an attack on a camp near a neighboring town.

The sources said that negotiations between “Daesh” and “YPG/PKK” led to the release of the U.S soldiers.

A spokesman for the YPG/PKK said that ISIS called for the withdrawal from the particular oil field in question as well as a number of other fields, and to allow the entry of food and medical supplies to the town of Shaafa, in exchange for the release of US soldiers, according to sources.

The sources stressed that the “YPG / PKK” has already withdrawn from the oil fields concerned, and received the U.S soldiers detained by “Daesh,” under the deal between the two terrorist organizations, while not yet handing over the food and medical supplies, the source mentioned.

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In response to a question by the Anatolian correspondent, an official in the US-led international coalition refused to report the presence of US soldiers held by Daesh.

On the news of a deal on the subject between the organization and “YPG / PKK”, the official said, “The alliance did not conclude any deal with Daesh.”

As of 15:45 GMT, November 5th, Washington has not followed up on the reported detention of US soldiers and the circumstances surrounding the incident.  Clashes erupted between the two terrorist organizations in the eastern province of Deir al-Zour on September 11th 2018.

The PKK elements launched intense attacks with US and French support against Daesh to control the entire oil-rich province.

Despite US and French support, YPG did not make any headway with violent counter-attacks in defense of its last stronghold in the region.

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