Israel is Now Powerless – Palestine is Inevitable

By Mikhail Osherov


Published on: Nov 18, 2018 @ 17:52 – Op-ed By Mikhail Osherov – The current military-political doctrine of the Israeli leadership is based on the continuation of the occupation of the Syrian and Palestinian territories occupied by the state of Israel, which requires constant violence and acts of international aggression and state terrorism against the population of the occupied territories of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Syria and Iran.

Also, the military-political doctrine of the leadership of Israel requires impunity, and no losses. Israeli society is not prepared for any losses. Israeli moms love when their children dress in a beautiful green uniform, eat in army canteens and kill Arabs, but they don’t like their children being killed in a war.

From a historical point of view, when citizens of a state are not ready to die for their country, such states die (as an example, Byzantium, whose walls could no longer protect them, and had only mercenaries).

In order to commit unpunished acts of aggression without loss, considerable, if not absolute, military-technical superiority is required. Until recently, the state of Israel had such superiority. But in recent years and months the situation has begun to change.

During the Israeli aggression against Lebanon in 2006, the latest Israeli Merkava tanks were destroyed and damaged by the usual old Soviet anti-tank systems of the 1970s.

After several days of fighting with absolute air supremacy and after the loss of a significant number of tanks for Israel, all the Merkava tanks were no longer used as assault tanks in the first line of attack, and were diverted to the second line and later used as self-propelled artillery guns.

Casualties in Lebanon forced the Israeli army to retreat back into Israeli territory. If the Israeli leadership had any goals in this war, they were not met. The Israeli army suffered a defeat in this war, and Israeli society began to demand even more military operations from its government.

Recently, Syria saw the end of many years of Israeli aggression. After the tragic death of the Russian Il-20 aircraft, which occurred because of an Israeli air raid on Latakia, and the transfer to Syria of S-300 air defense systems by Russia, Israeli air raids on Syria ceased due to fear of losing the aircraft and the pilots.

Syrian and Russian air defense systems now “see” the entire north and center of Israel. Israeli aircraft now use airfields in the Beersheba area for reconnaissance missions for reconnaissance missions.

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During the last Israeli conflict with the [tremendously lesser equipped – ed] Gaza Strip, which occurred on November 11-12 due to another Israeli attempt to conduct a terrorist operation in the Gaza Strip by Israeli special forces, which was discovered and partially eliminated, another war of the State of Israel with the surrounded and he blocked the Gaza Strip.

Israeli missiles destroyed 160 objects in the Gaza Strip. From the Gaza Strip towards Israel, 460 missiles were fired, of which only 106 were intercepted by the iron dome’s vaunted Israeli air defense systems.

It turned out that these systems cannot intercept salvo launches of unguided rockets and shells. This can be compared with the actions of the Syrian air defense systems “Pantsir” and “Thor” in Syria, which reflected the simultaneous attack of hundreds of maneuvering American cruise missiles. After the threat of the leaders of the Gaza Strip to strike at the Israeli Ben-Gurion airport, hostilities between Israel and the Gaza Strip were stopped.

In the near future, the state of Israel will inevitably lose its military superiority over neighboring countries, which is actually happening today. This means that further unilateral and unpunished Israeli aggressive actions against Syria and the Palestinians will be impossible in the future.

Having embarked on the path of supporting Syrian and international gangsters fighting against the legitimate Syrian government, the State of Israel only reduced its diplomatic capabilities and tainted itself with the shame of working with bandits and murderers.

The endless Israeli provocations against the Gaza Strip and violence against the Palestinian population of the Israeli-occupied West Bank cannot last forever. The hands of the clock of history are approaching the final mark for the state of Israel.

The leadership of the State of Israel now needs to think not about the war, but that it’s better and more beneficial for the State of Israel to end the occupation of the Palestinian and Syrian territories, conclude a comprehensive peace agreement in the Middle East and create an independent Palestinian state today, with Israel’s relative superiority than later, when it will be done ultimately on Iranian, Syrian and Egyptian conditions alone.


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