Lugansk: the West is Trying to Involve Russia in Donbass Conflict


“Western countries ignore the position of the self-proclaimed people’s republics of Lugansk and Donetsk and try to drag Russia into the conflict in Donbass”, Rodion Miroshnik, representative of the Lugansk People’s Republic, said.

On the eve of the UN, there was a discussion on the Donbass elections scheduled for November 11. However, the representatives of the republics themselves were not invited to attend the meeting. Members of the UN Security Council – France, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom – and former and future members of the Council – Italy, Belgium and Germany – stressed that they will not recognize the elections and call on Russia to stop this process.

“The desire to hear only one side of the conflict and ignore the other – this was clearly demonstrated today in the voting in the UN Security Council. The Minsk Accords clearly define the sides of the conflict, which are not Ukraine and Russia, but Kiev and Donbass. But the representatives of the West want to involve Russia in the conflict and blame it for all mortal sins,” Mirochnik explained.

He pointed out that the West not only disagrees with the participation of the representatives of the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk in the meetings of the UN Security Council, but also does not give Donbass the opportunity to express its position. At the same time, he noted that without a dialogue with the East of the country, “there is no solution to the conflict.”

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“The US, France, Germany and others who have voted against it probably do not need this dialogue, which in turn is an attempt to bring the negotiations to a dead end, prolong the conflict and even make it endless. This is a very dangerous trend and the West is to blame for this,” concluded Mirochnik.

The conflict in southeastern Ukraine has raged in varying degrees of intensity since 2014. The question of its solution has been discussed in the contact group in Minsk, which brings together the parties involved. Three documents were adopted regulating the stages of the de-escalation, but the fighting continues.

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