Macau Wants Partnerships with Brazilian Companies Wishing to Enter China

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The Macau government announced on Monday that it intends to encourage partnerships between companies from Brazil, Portugal and Macao to carry out operations in the interior of China.

The statement was given by Macao’s Secretary of Economy and Finance Leong Vai Tac during the first day of debate in the Legislative Assembly of Government Action Lines (LAG) for 2019 and published by the Lusa Agency.

He said that the Government wants to “encourage the establishment of partnerships between small and medium enterprises” of Portugal, Brazil and Macao to “enter and develop commercial activities in the Mainland.”

Túlio Cariello, Manager of Analysis and Research of the Brazil-China Business Council, celebrated the statement.

“There are a lot of interests in these regions that can be beneficial to Portuguese-speaking countries like Brazil and Portugal,” he said.

For the next year, Leong Vai Tac said it intends to intensify economic and trade cooperation in three axes.

“Brazil-Latin America, Portugal-European Union, Angola and Mozambique-Africa, to support partners to expand their two-way cooperation networks to the European Union, Latin America and African countries.”

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Túlio Cariello also explained that marketing through Macao “brings certain facilities”, such as unrestricted internet access, different from what happens on mainland China.

“The fact that they have greater freedom from mainland China does not exonerate the fact that they are under the control of Beijing. Macao is precisely this greater freedom and autonomy that would facilitate a series of businesses to the appeal of Portuguese-speaking people,” he said.

The trade balance (US $20.166 billion) and Brazilian exports to China (US $47.488 billion) reached a record high last year. Túlio Cariello said that China has been using Macau as a “commercial warehouse” for Portuguese-speaking countries.

“This effort by China to transform Macao into a region that has precisely this Lusophone appeal is something very recent and is still being developed, but I see it as a very positive attitude of the Chinese government and that no doubt can bring a lot of business to both sides,” he added.

Macau was once a Portuguese speaking colony.

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