Maduro: Lula was ‘Kidnapped’ and Would have Won Election by ‘Wide Margin’


The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, commented on the Brazilian policy and the face of immigrants who is going to the United States. The speeches were made through state television on Wednesday.

“They kidnapped this great world leader, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, he was abducted, they did not allow him to campaign because they feared him. If Lula had been a candidate, be sure he would have won by a wide margin,” said the president of Venezuela.

He also commented on the caravan of immigrants who is heading to the United States. The Central American refugee group has already been criticized by President Donald Trump, who vows not to let them in.

“Look at the mess in Honduras, imperialism does not want to learn, there are two major migratory catastrophes in the world and both have factory marks: ‘Made in the USA’ and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).”

The head of state said that in Honduras “the elections were stolen” so that the right-wing candidate won.

“The candidate postulated by the democratic and progressive force [Salvador Nasralla] was winning the elections by several points and the [counting] system fell. When the counting system returned, the right candidate was winning, the now illegitimate president of Honduras [Juan Orlando Hernández],” added Maduro.

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The Venezuelan leader said that the crisis in Honduras began in 2009, when there was a coup against former President Manuel Zelaya (2006-2009).

“From that moment, a process of decomposition and crisis began in Honduras and then we see thousands of Hondurans walking for miles and miles to find some hope in life in the US,” he said.

Maduro also said that regional blocs, such as the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), must remain firmer than ever before to face a regional moment he described as “unfavorable.”

“Today we are in a delicate moment, with a regional correlation of unfavorable forces, with an increase of American imperialism and the forces of the right, that came with its project of ideological intolerance, politics and harassment.”

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