Never Forgive, Never Forget! McCain & the Euromaidan Anniversary


You cannot say it better than Shakespeare:

The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones;

The McCain-Feingold law, also known as the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, limiting campaign contributions, is dead and gone. Does anyone else remember when this was held up as a model piece of legislation-to-be? Imagine that this could have made genuine grassroots campaigns possible – Ralph Nader, the Green Party, genuine independents.

Even while Bush reluctantly signed the congressional bill into law in 2002, the most important piece of this legislation was overturned by the Supreme Court in Davis v. Federal Election Commission.

But what many of us will remember him for particularly, is not just that he organized the financing and logistics for ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. It relates to the cover photo of this story. There he was, speaking to the misled crowds of the far-right ‘Euromaidan’, next to him and giving the ‘sieg heil’ in the adjacent photo, is none other than Ukrainian Nazi Oleh Tyahnybok. But he isn’t just incidentally a Ukrainian Nazi. He’s a US funded, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. US-AID, NED Nazi. The Victoria Nuland kind, that McCain assured would be free promote the ethnic cleansing of the Donbass.

But McCain, godfather for the coup in Kiev, has erected a monument more lasting. Here he is, watching his show.

.But McCain, godfather for the coup in Kiev, has erected a monument more lasting. Here he is, watching his show.

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McCain’s legacy is not one to be proud of, and it’s not one to dress-up as anything other than what it was. He wasn’t only an apologist for some of the worst war-crimes in the 21st century, but was a direct advocate and – more-over – organizer of them.

It’s also just all too easy to make this about ‘Republican’ McCain. How was it, that so much of his work was done under the Obama administration? McCain, under the pretext of the US Congressional Committee on Armed Services, absurdly was given free hand to operate in the Obama administration as the de facto National Security Advisor and Chief Diplomat. Many believe that this is the Secretary of State, but it is actually one of the seven official duties, or roles, of the President. While the Secretary carries out the President’s foreign policies through the State Department and the Foreign Service of the United States, the US public somehow believed that McCain was given carte blanche to simply run around the world behaving as either the President himself or Secretary of State, without the tacit endorsement of Obama.

What was amazing about McCain’s death however, wasn’t that Democrats seized this opportunity to distance themselves from McCain’s ‘work’ and to cleanse themselves of the bloodshed. Strangely, and what’s unique about this moment in American life that’s so worrisome as well is that Democrats appeared to take pleasure in bathing in it. Whatever happened to progressives? Well, we imagine progress is about change – and they changed alright: changed into neoconservatives.

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