New chair of Lugansk parliament lays out program for the future, part three of three

Hopes? For the people to be warm and happy. They deserve it


Novorossiya’s interview with Denis Miroshnichenko, concluded.

Dealing with Ukraine?

Novorossiya: We have a power reset in the Donbass, and the direction set in 2014 has not changed. Next year there are elections in Ukraine. Some politicians and experts expect that the new president, the new Ukrainian leadership, will be able to negotiate with the Donbass, and maybe even implement the Minsk agreements. In your opinion, is it possible to quickly change the situation in Ukraine and get out of the current impasse?
DM: If the new leadership of Ukraine will also work on integration with Russia, then I think it will be possible to negotiate with these people. Moreover, let us speak frankly, even on the other side of the Dnieper there are our people, with our ideology, who are waiting for us. Yes, they may not be so strong or not so active in their civil position, but they are there.

As for the current Ukrainian government, there is already fascism on the brain, and there is no point in negotiating with them.Therefore, if the new authorities want to negotiate on equal terms about integration into Russia, then we will sit down at the negotiating table with such people in order to resolve all these issues as soon as possible. If it is again this incomprehensible jumping, integration into Europe,  then there will be no talks. Also, probably, there will be a demarcation along the contact line.

Regarding the Minsk agreements, as if they were not related to them, but at this stage it is the only factor holding back active hostilities and this must be considered. Moreover, our main leader took part in the development of this document. And if we really trust these people, then we need to at least reckon with this.

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Therefore, of course, we wanted to go the other way – the Crimean way, but we had a different lot. Well, it means that’s gone. It means we will go through this too.

Hopes for now?

Novorossiya: What would you wish for the residents of Donbass?

DM: Knowing how much our people are tired of all this injustice and uncertainty, I want to wish one thing – for the families to be warm, for a good mood, for people to value what they have, and to be just happy, they deserve it. Kindly happiness and well-being in the family. The main thing is to strengthen the family. This is our Orthodoxy, our tradition, and we should not turn away from it. Well, our Fatherland has repeatedly experienced troubled times, but we always emerged victorious. Therefore, at this time, too,  we will emerge victorious and will build a single large prosperous state, as our parents and grandparents built it.

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