New Chair of Lugansk Parliament lays out program, Part two of three

Union of Lugansk and Donetsk? Develop two strong economies first and the people can decide


Novorossiya’s interview with Denis Miroshnichenko continues…

Union with Donetsk?

Novorossiya: Over the past year, a number of agreements with the DPR have been signed on coodination and cooperation. Will further steps be taken on the union state or on further integration?

DM: Yes, indeed, the interaction with the DPR parliament has intensified over the past year. This year, we and Denis Pushilin, then chairman of the People’s Council, signed an agreement on forming working groups for joint activities. An example is the joint adoption of the first law on the Victory Banner. And now the work continues, and the composition of the People’s Councils is already updated. Those developments will remain.

And now the task is to activate the work of the joint working group on the basis of past experience to synchronize the legislative process as much as possible. For example, we have already adopted codes that are not in the DPR, but they are already adopting our experience, and we will work in this direction in our country.

As for the union-state, my position is one: we can have one common state, and it’s Russia. Yes, once it was said about Novorossia, but now there are other political realities. Donetsk and I can now combine the front line. In addition, politically, we are together. We now need to build two economically strong republics, and then it will be a political choice, which a referendum, rather than the leadership of the republics, can most likely make. You can ask people what they want – the union of the two republics or just two successful republics with the prospect of joining the Russian Federation? My opinion is that there is no need to hurry in this matter. As they say, they took the height, it is necessary to keep it. And now not only to stabilize the situation, but to work for development.

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A future for the youth?
Novorossiya: You have a lot of experience in youth policy – led by the Youth Association, other youth organizations. In the new composition of the People’s Council, there are also enough representatives of the youth. Does this mean that young people will be especially treated by the authorities of the Republic? Will any programs be adopted to support young people, families with children, as is actively being done in the Russian Federation?

DM: You can say that we have a certain “blood and milk” in the People’s Council. There are experienced deputies, and young deputies, who also already have a certain life experience, they are already over 30, and have already held certain positions. Special treatment? Well, the fact that the head of the republic can easily go with the youth to the same soccer field is already a definite message. The fact that the forum campaign for youth has resumed in our country is also a definite sign – Go ahead, dare, the time has come.

With regard to certain prospects, there are programs following the example of the Russian Federation. I.e, the well-known “program 2023”, which has been and is being much discussed. There is a specific vector for youth. Yes, I would like to provide both the first job and housing for young professionals. This, in principle is in the program, and we have to go for it in these five years. In addition, we, on the part of the authorities, should understand that young personnel can leave. Because having received a Russian diploma as a specialist, they, naturally, will choose either to stay here for the minimum wage, or to go to the Russian Federation, where, of course, the standard of living is higher and the salary is higher.

In this case, we would get just a catastrophic personnel shortage. We cannot allow this to happen. We will think it over. This process is very complex and it should be systematically built. Both the deputies and Leonid Ivanovich understand the importance of this issue, and in any case we will solve it. Otherwise, it makes no sense for us to continue working, because there is no one after us.

This is how the people on the front line feel. If they turn around and know that people do not support the ideas for which they give their lives, then is it worth it to stand on the front lines? Therefore, it’s all a system, it’s all lined up. The time of instability, as Leonid Ivanovich said at the inauguration, has passed, so of course now is the time for development and the issue  of our youth in this system of development.

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