New chair of Lugansk Parliament lays out program for the future, Part One of three

1. clear corruption loopholes, 2. maintain pace of legislation, 3. stay tight with the local level. 4. align laws with Russian laws.


From Novorossinform:

On November 19, the deputies of the third convocation of the People’s Council of the LPR unanimously elected Denis Miroshnichenko as chairman of the parliament of the Republic. All 50 deputies voted for his candidacy. The new head of  the Lugansk parliament told our Novorossiya correspondent about his vision of the future of the LPR, the main tasks in his post, and the prospects for relations with Ukraine.

Novorossiya: Denis Nikolaevich, name three main tasks that confront you as the chairman of the People’s Council of the LC.

Denis Miroshnichenko: The first task is all those corruption issues related to flawed legislation — we must eradicate them. Time does not stand still. Once the laws were passed, you know in a hurry. Now we need to systematize all this and eradicate all the corruption issues that exist. This is the first. A republic must live by the rules that are spelled out in the legislation. And if we leave loopholes that can be used in one direction or another, it will be wrong. This is task number one.

The second task is to preserve the pace that we have taken over the past year in lawmaking. This is a very good dynamic – on average, we adopted 8-10 laws per month, and among them very basic ones – the family code, civil, and civil procedure … That is, the pace we took should be maintained and even increased. We established a bar, now we need to work even more actively.


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And the third is the representative function of power. We must listen to the people, hold meetings. Elections are over, it’s time to work with each appeal, with every citizen who will apply, find out what worries people. We will definitely expand the work with the territories. So that not only the ministers take part in the development of laws, but also the heads of territories, who better understand the issues of the same front-line villages or relatively rear ones. We need to simplify the legislation as much as possible so that it is accessible and understandable, but at the same time, so that it works in the realities in which we live.

Novorossiya: The election campaign in the LR was held under the slogan “Forever with Russia.” What are the nearest plans of the parliament in the direction of integration with Russia? Is it worth waiting for the simplification of obtaining documents, passports?

DM: Yes, we had an election campaign with the thread “Russia in the heart”. We always showed it and do not hesitate to show it. But if we speak for legislative activities, over the past year (I can talk about the term that I headed the People’s Council) we have clearly marked the position: all the legislation that we adopt should be synchronized with the Russian one. If earlier we took something from the Ukrainian, something even from the Belarusian, and others, now we take as a basis only the Russian legislation. We are slightly adjusting for the peculiarities of our Republic, which are still there, but the one vector is the synchronization of legislation with the Russian Federation. I believe that if we can achieve this in the coming years, then we will be able to talk about some kind of volitional action on the part of Russia – simplifying the receipt of passports, etc.

Moreover, unfortunately, it does not depend on us, but depends on the Russian Federation. But again, in order for them to be able to do this, we, for our part, should be ready in advance. Even in order to enter the legal field of the Russian Federation, we must already be prepared. Let’s speak frankly – over the past 20 years, we have been torn away from Russia economically, politically, spiritually, I say no more … Now we have to catch up and fill this gap so that the legislation of the LR will fully comply with the laws of Russia. And I am sure that in the future, when we finally become a single country, this process will be painless, since we will already be legislatively ready for this.

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