ONLY GUNS AND TANKS? Russian & Indian Military Train in Yoga & Fire Breathing


RUSSIA – During the traditional military maneuvers between India and Russia, which is taking place in the Primorye region, the military actively use elements of yoga, according to the press office of the Eastern Military District.

Published on: Nov 26, 2018 @ 15:52

“As part of the Indra-2018 Russian-Indian maneuvers, Indian Armed Forces fitness instructors perform gymnastics with military personnel from the Eastern Military District’s mechanized infantry battalion, actively using elements of ancient Indian gymnastics, yoga, to develop abilities to control the psychic and physiological functions of our organism,” the statement said.

In addition, in the territory of the Babina field, where the maneuvers are carried out, the military is trained using principles and basic yoga exercises.

For example, after warming up the military usually make pranayamas, which translates to “fire breathing” from Sanskrit.

“Experts say that these complex breathing exercises stabilize blood pressure, increase stamina and improve concentration,” reported the team.

In addition, during the morning gymnastics the military of both countries train the strength and agility.

In addition to the military excercises, Russia recently won the bid to provide India with anti-aircraft defense systems worth $1.5 billion, a source in the Russian military said.

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On November 19, the Indian television channel NDTV reported that Rosoboronexport – Russia’s state-owned company for exports and imports of military and defense products, technologies and services – offered the most favorable conditions in India’s bidding for the supply of portable anti-aircraft systems.

In this connection, Russian military expert Aleksei Leonkov explained why such choice of the Indian side is not surprising.

“India is a former Russian partner in the area of ​​technical-military cooperation and, in the context of extending this collaboration and they show interest in our anti-aircraft defense systems,” he said.

“It started with the S-400 complexes and will, it seems, continue with other systems, which means India is thinking seriously about building a multilevel defense system on the basis of Russian antiaircraft complexes. And the first step has already been taken,” he said.

Thus, the analyst concludes, it is not surprising that “the Indian side has just chosen our complexes because of its unique character and the ability to hold the ‘keys of heaven.”

Russia and India are the largest partners in military-technical cooperation: more than 70 percent of the armament and military equipment in service in the Indian Armed Forces is Russian or Soviet. In addition, Russia annually supplies the country with military equipment and armaments worth several billion dollars.

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