Poroshenko Playing War Card with Russia, says expert


KIEV, Ukraine – According to the Ukrainian president, his country faces the threat of a “large-scale war” with Russia. Russian political scientist believes that Poroshenko is trying in this way to increase his popularity.

“I do not want anyone to think this is a joke. The country is under threat of a large-scale war with the Russian Federation,” Poroshenko told an interview with Ukrainian television channels on Tuesday.

Russian political scientist Vyacheslav Smirnov said Poroshenko is in this way trying to improve his popularity.

“Poroshenko’s statement meets the expectations of that part of voters in Ukraine who are now in deep paranoia, believing that Russian troops can attack Ukraine,” said the Russian scientist.

According to Smirnov, the Ukrainians believe that only good relations with the United States and the strengthening of defense capability through a US base can save Ukraine from the loss of independence. A small part of the citizens of Ukraine, about 5%, shares these nationalistic convictions and at the same time expresses feelings of panic.

“Poroshenko has a very low popularity. If the elections are held, most likely he will not even reach the second round, so now he needs to play the card of the conflict with Russia and show in every possible way that the US support,” the expert said.

According to the political scientist, Poroshenko says only he can save the country from “Russian aggression”. But this is not very good because Americans have adopted an attitude of waiting to see – they also understand that the popularity of the Ukrainian president is extremely low.

According to Poroshenko, such a threat of war is allegedly confirmed by intelligence data that Russian military equipment, including tanks, are concentrated near Ukrainian borders.

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The threat of a Russian attack on Ukraine only exists in the imagination of Pyotr Poroshenko, added another Russian military expert, Igor Korotchenko. The fact that a grouping of the Southern Military District and the Black Sea Fleet is present in southern Russia only shows that the Russian Federation is taking care of protecting its borders.

According to Korotchenko, it is possible today any armed provocation against Russia and particularly against the Crimea by the Ukraine, can occur. That is why the S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems were deployed in the Crimea for the safety of the Kerch Bridge and the cities of the peninsula.

“The failures in the construction of the Ukrainian state and the difficult economic situation forces Poroshenko to resort to harsh anti-Russian rhetoric to distract the citizens of his country from the enormous difficulties they are facing,” said the military expert.

On Monday, after the incident with Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait, the Supreme Rada (Ukrainian parliament) approved the imposition of martial law for a period of 30 days, covering different parts of the country, a decision that had already been supported by President Pyotr Poroshenko.

On November 25, three ships of the Ukrainian Navy, Berdyansk, Nikopol and Yany Kapu, in violation of Articles 19 and 21 of the UN Convention on Maritime Law, crossed the Russian border. The ships carried out dangerous maneuvers for several hours without reacting to the demands of the Russian vessels accompanying them.

A decision was made to use weapons. The Ukrainian ships were detained. During the incident, three Ukrainian military personnel were slightly injured. They have received medical care and are not at risk of losing their life. Russia has opened a criminal case for breaching the border.

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