Published on: Nov 15, 2018 @ 21:01 – According to the generally reliable Russian website, iarex.ru, Poroshenko seems quite aware that he is unlikely to win the upcoming election in Ukraine. Polls presently project that a transfer of power will take place, favoring elements of the ‘old guard’ of Ukrainian oligarchs, led by Yulia Tymoshenko who presently leads in various polls.

According to iarex.ru, Poroshenko has already started an urgent sale of his assets, so that after the elections he will immediately leave the penniless and decaying country.

Petro Poroshenko is ostensibly negotiating the sale of its own assets in Ukraine. The goal is to close the deal before March 1, 2019.

Two independent auditors from among the Big Five handed over reports to two potential buyers. The first candidate is a consortium of ostracized oligarchs from the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Lithuania. The second candidate is a group led by Dmitry Firtash and two high-ranking members of the US Democratic Party, with the support of Joe Biden and Michael Pence.

According to the TG-channel “Nelyagar”, the negotiations are in the final stage – the best deal is being negotiated, the form of payment and the end points of the withdrawal of capital. According to the current information, 85% of non-cash payments will go to special accounts in the US Federal Treasury and Chase -Manhattan Bank.

This occurs during the most significant and major decline of the economy and living conditions of Ukraine in its entire history. The average wages have dropped, for those still employed, from an average of about $340 a month to about $120 a month. Heating averages for a 45 m2 apartment (or 450 square feet, the average) have doubled from about $70 to $140. Moreover, gas is entirely inaccessible for several hundred thousand Ukrainians, who will have to flee Ukraine or freeze.

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Poroshenko was installed by the U.S after the coup which the American deep state pulled off, in an election where both the left-wing opposition party and the former governing party were effectively prohibited from participating. The Ukrainian military began a campaign of ethnic cleansing of the east of the country where the majority of the populace identifies as ethnic Russian, and popular militias sprang up in defense of these communities.

The only card which Poroshenko has left to play, is to re-start full-scale hostilities against the breakaway republics in the east of former Ukraine – the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic. The militias sprang up in self defense, and comprised an ideological heterogeneous mixture of militias, some being communist, nationalist, and religious (Orthodox) in nature.

By restarting full-scale fighting, he may be able to declare a state of emergency, and put off elections under a provision of the constitution. This would mean, however, increasing a power-sharing type arrangement with the various largest Neo-Nazi and chauvinist-nationalist militias which the U.S had funded for decades, and then armed openly since 2014. In public U.S congressional hearings, FRN reminds readers that Victoria Nuland publicly testified that the U.S State Department alone had spent at least $5 bln dollars to stage the ‘maidan’ revolution, using a mixture of strategy of tension taken from the Gladio playbook, and the color-revolution tactic employed in various countries ranging from Yugoslavia, Egypt, to Syria, and beyond.

That Poroshenko is widely disliked in the east of the country comes as no surprise. What is at issue now is that over the past four years, the rest of Ukraine has also experienced tremendous impoverishment. The population of the country is expected to drop by half within a decade, due to economic refugees fleeing the country – primarily for Russia, Poland, and Germany. Poroshenko trails behind Tymoshenko in various polls by figures in the double-digits. This is a margin which, under normal circumstances, cannot be overcome.  FRN has reported on these events from the beginning.


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