Proposal to Replace Lenin’s Body by Replica Generates Communist Anger in Russia


A Russian politician created an idea to replace Vladimir Lenin’s body with a replica of wax or rubber while burying the original. The proposal was quickly labelled “delirious and provocative” by the Russian communists.

The idea of burying the Bolshevik leader has been repeatedly floated since the collapse of the Soviet Union, but local legislator Vladimir Petrov of the Leningrad region – oh, the irony – has come up with a rather “refreshing” proposal.

Petrov suggested burying Vladimir Lenin’s mummified body and replace it with an exact copy – made of wax or some kind of “rubber polymer” compound. Such a move would honor Lenin’s last wish to be buried, in the face of those who enjoy Lenin’s stay in the iconic mausoleum, as well as drastically reduce the costs of maintaining the premises, according to the politician.

The communists, however, were outraged by the idea of Petrov, marking it as a “provocation” aimed at sowing discord in Russian society. The legislator repeatedly tried to do so and openly expressed “anti-Soviet” views, according to the Communist Party’s head of the Communist Party’s press service, Aleksander Yuschenko.

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“If Mr Petrov still has a fraction of his conscience and a sensible approach to history, he will certainly be embarrassed by this pseudo-idea,” said the deputy head of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Russia, Dmitri Novikov.

The idea of burying Lenin has been repeatedly voiced by some politicians and activists over the last 30 years, while the Communists strongly opposed it. Proponents of the idea commonly cite the costs of maintaining the tomb, the alleged need to “bury” the county’s communist past, orthodox Christian traditions, as well as other things to defend Lenin’s funeral.

Authorities, however, distanced themselves from the controversy over Lenin’s funeral, explaining that such a measure would have little practical value while potentially offensive to many people.

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