Pure Suicide: What Awaits Kiev in Case of a ‘Great War’ with Russia?

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Published on: Nov 19, 2018 @ 14:58 – Ukraine’s warlike rhetoric over Russia provokes nothing more than “contemptuous piety,” while military action against the Russian army would be a suicide for Kiev. These are the opinions of the professional Russian military analyst, Igor Korotchenko.

Earlier, the former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko, stated that Russia could close the Azov Sea to Ukrainian ships, but this would lead to a ” great war ” with Ukraine. However, he confirmed that a military conflict with Moscow would be unfeasible for Kiev, since it will not be able to give a response to the powerful Russian army.

In that connection, the  Korotchenko shared his opinion on the subject, revealing that such a development would cause much damage to Ukraine:

“In addition, for Poroshenko [Pyotr, Ukrainian president], such a development of this situation on the eve of the presidential elections would mean a simple political catastrophe with no chance at all.”

In his words, the warlike rhetoric of Ukraine over Russia provokes nothing more than “disdainful piety.”

“It is unlikely that a country incapable of building its state and ensuring a dignified life for its people can guarantee its national security,” he said.

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Previously, Russian Senator Frants Klintsevich said Russia could block the Azov Sea from Ukrainian vessels in response to the detention by the Ukrainian authorities of 15 Russian ships who “illegally entered ports in the occupied Crimea.”

Navigation in the Azov Sea has been worsening since the beginning of this year. In March, Ukraine detained the Russian fishing vessel Nord, accusing the captain of illegally visiting the Crimea “to harm the interests of the State.” In August, the Ukrainian coastguard detained the tanker Mekhanik Pogodin with its crew on board.

Moscow has described Kiev’s actions as “maritime terrorism”, reinforcing customs inspections on its part of the Sea of ​​Azov. Then the Ukrainian side accused Russia of “carrying out a tough policy of detention and ship inspection”.

It is clear that Russia has handled these events with an extreme degree of care – any real attempt by Ukraine to change the situation on the ground, or on the seas, would – in the opinion of  Korotchenko – be suicide for Kiev.

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