Putin Develops Supercomputer to Create New Weapons


President Putin has approved the Russian development of a modern supercomputer capable in turn of designing advanced weapons, said Olga Sokolova, general director of the Molniya Institute for Scientific Research and Production, which is part of the Kalashnikov consortium.

Sokolova explained that “work involves great cooperation” between major Russian scientific companies, including ISS Reshetnev, in the development of new technologies.

The main objective of the project is to carry out the entire development and production cycle with the help of national machinery and equipment.

The project covers all phases, from the research and development phase to the creation of a prototype and its tests, as well as the maintenance of the armaments manufactured in series during its use in the Armed Forces.

“We will start with target missiles and then we will offer these solutions to the whole Russian industry. I have to say that we have serious results in this regard, but for now I will not divulge the details. I will just say that we find [mutual] understanding between partners and customers,” added Sokolova.

The new equipment should be ready within five years.

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This comes as Russian military consultant Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET) revealed last month that Russian tests of electromagnetic weapons are being conducted in Russia.

According to the consultant, these are so-called microwave cannons, which use energy concentrated by high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, capable of deactivating electronic systems within a certain radius of action. Armament of this type can be used on land or air platforms.

Given its particularities, this is a weapon closer to electronic warfare. The electromagnetic radiation that hits the target is fatal not only to electronic systems, but also to people’s nervous and immune systems. In addition, a microwave cannon can detonate explosives in the distance.
Since the mid-twentieth century scientists had been thinking of using the principle of energy by electromagnetic radiation in the military. The problem is that a weapon of this caliber needed a lot of energy to run.

“To employ a microwave cannon in combat, a full power plant is needed. Of course, this limits the possibility of its use,” Dmitry Kornev, founder of Military Russia, said.

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