‘Resistant and Deadly’: 5 Hidden Advantages of Russian Tanks


There’s no question that Russia’s present arsenal and technology surpasses that of NATO. According to Charlie Gao in an article dedicated to Russian armored vehicles, these combat vehicles become “resistant and deadly” weapons thanks to a series of distinctive features.

One of the advantages of these Russian tanks is an Ainet remote explosion system, which significantly increases the efficiency of ammunition. This device allows to include data on the distance to the target in the electronic detonator. Thanks to this, the projectile explodes at the most favorable moment to destroy the target.

According to the author, another advantageous feature of Russian tanks is dubbed sighting device Sosna-U, comprising a machine gun with target tracker and thermal imager, which enhances the fire control system and increases the firepower of the tank.

In addition, this allows a steady aim in any climatic conditions. The dubbed aiming device allows to fire with the cannon and the coaxial machine gun in case of failure of the main aiming apparatus. In addition, Sosna-U reduces the number of errors of human origin.

At the same time, the specialist paid attention to the Soda system, which protects napalm penetration tanks – a set of flammable liquids based on gelled gas, used as military weaponry.

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Another feature of these armored panels especially highlighted by the author is the air capturing device installed aboard the T-80 tank, on its front. Its structure increases the air intake in the engine and allows to improve the functional characteristics of the vehicle.

In conclusion, the author of the article pointed to additional weaponry aboard the T-90 tank. In particular, its autonomous remote control machine gun can become vital for the crew in case of confrontation with infantry or light vehicles.

Russia under the presidency of Vladimir Putin has prioritized the modernization of the Russian military after it was left to be ruined with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

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