Revealed: New Capabilities of Amazing Russian Su-57 fighter


The new capabilities of the amazing Russian Su-57 fighter deserves a closer look. The take-off distance of the Su-57 fighter will be twice as fast as that of the Su-35, which would allow it to be used from short runways without special devices, Sukhhoi’s principal director and chief designer Mikhail Strelets told Zvezda.

“The aircraft should be able to land on a short track without special devices. I can not give the exact numbers due to the secrecy, but they are twice as big as the Su-35,” he said.

According to the Russian channel, one of the conditions required to Su-57 is the possibility of takeoff and landing on short runways.

In November, the channel published several videos with Su-57, highlighting especially the passage of the hunting in very low altitudes and the tests of the wings made of composite material.

The landing distance of the Su-35 with the normal takeoff weight and using braking equipment is about 600 meters. The deceleration cable used on the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier allows the Su-33 to be reduced, with a take-off mass comparable to that of the Su-57, to 90 meters.

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In October, Colonel General Viktor Bondarev, chairman of the Russian Senate Defense and Security Committee, said that the upgrade potential of the Su-57 will last for half a century. In particular, “hunting has every assumption to become a fully autonomous and unmanned combat aircraft.”

The first flight of the Su-57 was carried out in 2010. The Russian Ministry of Defense does not plan to purchase the aircraft in series. In the coming years, the military will receive a total of 12 of these fighters.

This comes as part of a larger upgrade to the Russian military that has been since Russian President Vladimir Putin came to power. The rapid military advancement of Russian equipment has seen the Eurasian Giant become a leading exporter of such production as it can be made and sold cheaply, but with a high degree of professionalism and reliability.

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